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  1. But not the worst possible, 2 1 D would be worse...
  2. Yeah, It's a shame there where only 3 items :)
  3. I may or may not be away for a while.

  4. Finaly got my own MC account. Yep. Have been playing on a friend's account all the time :)

  5. Are there plans on enabling it again?
  6. How I imagine you IRL. (which is weir, since this guy is dead, and a guy.) By the way, trying to change my personal text to "This guy is a whiny bitch", but I can't find the option
  7. Ow... Are you really sure of that?
  8. So... I'm not the whiny bastard here? Damn...
  9. Well darn it. Now I can't vote for super yes [me=Synthetica]sits in a corner and cries[/me] Wait, what? Why doesn't that work? What is up with these forums? *nostalgic feeling*
  10. First of all, awesome new forums! But I was looking through the "big posters" section, and there was something really strange there. Deathrat has 16 million posts ... What's up with that? Also, Polls :D
  11. The new forums are awesome, from what i've seen. Okay, 'nuff minecraft for today, back to Grand Theft Auto IV. :)

  12. What are you up to to with all this information? Come on, tell us your evil plans!
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