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  1. That would match up pretty good with what I saw with my lag, 64x~104(one alchemical bag) stacks ~ 4000 items on the floor, Is this with BC pipes? one server we have a 3 huge quarries, which take a while to give any ores but when they do oh boy. I also put in a system where the three quarries feed a condenser right next to the quarries these make wood or if you have a lot then you could put something like redstone, that way it reduces the amount of items flying around - this depends on how much EMCing you want to do. these then feed into another condenser that makes something more valuable normally diamonds.because ore doesn't get EMCed you dont lose that and can send it straight to a processing plant, if you want to keep a specific item, eg uranium or diamonds then you can just run a by pass with a filter pipe, also these can fill up the pipe with excess blocks the oposite that you are trying to achieve.
  2. Would a Deployer work? my GF made milking machines which work really good for generating emc.
  3. @b0bst3r Cheers for the layout info, It was my next thing to do was upgrade to RP tubes layouts are more complex but definitely better, It would also solve any issue of overflowing equipment in the processing plants which isn't a problem in general until i come back from a trip and dump a load of ores at one time. BC is good to get started but Red power is POWER!Cool. Our sever is relatively young and with few people I think it is time to upgrade.
  4. a broken pipe or glitched pipe will cause this when it drops the items on the floor, once they stop floating about in the air as 64 individual items and in a stack in the inventory then it fine. The computer I am running this on has 16 gb ram, 2 gb graphics card and a i7 processor. I have had another issue with railcraft gzip disappearing but there plenty of threads on that which fixed it.
  5. No its not my computer, I fixed the problem/issue, this is one to help people how can't locate the issue. It was a full achemical bag of dirt on one location and about half, one they where picked up no worries smooth running.
  6. This is experience which I hope helps some people. I run a small sever with a few friends. we have built from the ground up and reasonable quarry, power generation system etc. Randomly it started to lag with this error: " Cant keep up! Did the system time change...." we couldn't find the issue. we had not changed anything particularly but did have a couple of reactors, after trying everything else we gave up and started a fresh server. after several days we got the same thing, this time we copied the three world files as back up every few days so that we could go back one step if needed. It got the same error with no reason (we didnt start any new things or more powerful machines etc). After roaming around at a snails pace it was seen that a pile of random stone and things had come out of the piping from a quarry, not a broken pipe it just glitched out. having seen this we very slowly checked the other piping, it was the same thing (as the other server glitched pipes) in a corner of a room where we fed a scrape machine with dirt was a huge pile of ~10x64 stacks of dirt we picked it up and remove the dirt from the world, all good now. hope this helps as both servers are working again. regrd ainsaworth.