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  1. Someone please help? Why does everyone ignore my post?
  2. So I was able to get Camera Studio for minecraft 1.2.5 working on my tekkit server, but now I need some sort of recording mod/device. I dont want to use FRAPS because I dont want to have to use two computers and I cant get MultiShot working (It keeps giving me a white screen) so how would I go about creating a Tekkit time-lapse?
  3. Ok, I read on the wiki the difference between them, but how do you make them? I only know how to create the nuclear reactor and the reactor chambers, how do I upgrade them?
  4. So you cant play Tekkit because there are no mods in it?
  5. I thought it would be a cool idea to have a server that is Wizards vs Scientists, where the wizard factions can only use EE and the scientists can only use BC and IC and there is only pvp between the two factions (maybe each faction can have like an arena where there is pvp so people can see how strong they are or something like that)
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