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  1. Seems this problem is resolved by now, thanks whomever did this! (just wondering, is there an official bugtracker for the launcher?)
  2. Hey all, I have a modpack for the server (1.6.2) my friends and I use, and I figured it was time for an update for some mods. I made a new version of the modpack, uploaded it, but when my friends downloaded it, they got an error. I believe this is because I replaced a mod with a newer version. In doing this, I removed the old mod file and put in a new version, which also had a different name. It seems the launcher noticed the newer version, downloaded the zip file and extracted it, without looking at whether there were old files that have to be removed. Is this an issue, or is it i
  3. Alright, thanks Amaxter. I just noticed that my IndustrialCraft treetap did make a sound. So apparently I'm not 100% without sound oO
  4. I have been having the same issue as Neero and didlyi, no sound. Would be very interested to see what you find here, Amaxter.
  5. Alright guys, thanks for all the answers! Looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer. I think I'll just make a zip package for now, I'm sure I can figure out how to transfer that to the launcher later so I can update mods without having to email people all the time :)
  6. Just saw the topic on IRC as well. But since nobody answered me there, and to save this "for posterity", does anyone know if at that same moment we will be able to create 1.6 modpacks? Or just a new launcher to start testing with?
  7. Hey all, I know I'm not supposed to ask about ETA, but I think this does not 100% qualify as an ETA question. I'm wondering why the only versions of Minecraft I can select for my modpack are up to 1.5.2. Is there a specific reason for this (and as such, will this never be supported)? Or is it just that you guys haven't gotten around to it. I spent most of my weekend getting a bunch of mods together for our new server, only to find out my favorite launcher does not support this version Now I'm wondering if I should wait until 1.6.2 is supported (might be worth it, considering not a
  8. I installed Java 7, which fixed the netherores.. but alas, it didn't magically fix ccSensors Here's the stack trace I get when I run the "console" program, select a proximity sensor, the Players probe and then the only target available (I presume that's me): 19:39:03 [iNFO] [mod_ccSensors] callMethod:3 args[0]: 19:39:04 [iNFO] [mod_ccSensors] callMethod:4 args[2]: 19:39:10 [iNFO] [mod_ccSensors] callMethod:5 args[2]: 19:39:10 [iNFO] targetmod:1 19:39:10 [iNFO] Found entity:EntityPlayer 19:39:10 [iNFO] entity type:EntityPlayerx:-49,y:67,z:384 19:39:12 [iNFO] [mod_ccSensors] c
  9. As far as I know, the redstone signal / blue beam thing is just to help you place the marks correctly. If you're already 100% sure they make a rectangle, there should be no need for that. I've been struggling for quite some time with these things as well, and finally found out that you need to rightclick them with a buildcraft wrench to activate. That should place those black/yellow lines between them to indicate where the frame will be built. Good luck!
  10. I'm having the same issues. In addition, for the Proximity Sensor only two probes seem to work. The Players probe doesn't work (no results, and a stacktrace in the server log) and the other probe that detects living things (I forgot the name and am not on the server right now) does not work either. If it helps I can try to reproduce the stacktrace I got on the server, feel free to let me know. [edit]Also, when I rename a sensor, I can only access it by the original name in my CC programs it seems. I found in another thread that updating my server to Java 7 might fix the NetherOres
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