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  1. And they wonder why more and more people are playing feed the beast because there not assholes and they have rail craft and what are you guys gonna do ban me for expressing my opinion or change my pic to a noob for saying ftb is better.
  2. hes made it clear that he no longer need tekkit if you want to play railcraft that bad go play ftb it is better
  3. i already said i will post a mp when its done :)
  4. PS if any one wants more pics or even a video just ask
  5. This is a updated and remade version of Maurircio Matos's power plant. I have full permsion from Matos to post this map. I also updated it so it can now be played in 3.1.1 instead of 2.1.1. I also added many new things. The powerplant contains 2 reactors with 35 uranium cells each. They are cooled by a duel powered ice macine. The energy is then taken to a storge room with 12 MFSU conected by energy link which leads into a transforming station. The plant also has a breeder reactor which operates at 12k heat. All the reactors and sytems are fully automatted and can run for a full cycle with no player assistence. It also has a central alarm and lock down system as well as a electric lethal electrice fence. It can put out a contnius EV HV MV and LV paccet. Its still under constution and i will post the map when its done. PS can any one help me upload screenshots from my desktop Go to http://blackxpanda.imgur.com/all/ to see all the pics Pics http://imgur.com/rj8u the two reactors http://imgur.com/f7ehR the transforming station http://imgur.com/fuNn7 the plant http://imgur.com/NlxpJ cooling room reactor control panel http://imgur.com/8nLHS
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