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  1. Launcher Version: 1.2.5 Operating System: Windows 7 32 Bit Java Version: Most Recent Antivirus Program: AVG Description of Problem: I keep re-downloading the launcher, but for whatever reason the launcher always comes out as 1.2.5 Error Messages: - Error Log: -
  2. Application- Age-15 IGN-DatPYR0 Played?-Yes Banned?-Yes, The owner banned everyone from the IP after a Hack. Why me?-I am HIGHLY dedicated as a user and Staff member, if i like a server I stick with it. I help others even when I'm not staff and I make sure to not use Banned items and if I do i admit to it. Position?-Admin preferred but seeing you dont know me MOD would be a Fine spot. Experience?-Yes, I've been staff on 3 Tekkit servers and 7-8 Minecraft servers (Including Co-Owner)
  3. Now I'm having a completely different problem, my launcher wont open at ALL. I've tried the Lunix .Jar and all... Not working... I am now on a 32x and Its pissing me off that I cant get on.. I'll post a link to youtube showing what happens
  4. Forgot to add I dont know my bit type, (32x or 64x)
  5. Launcher Version: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 07' Java Version: 6 Antivirus Program: Kapersky Description of Problem: I'll go into my Launcher, Select "Tekkit" and it will open the Tekkit screen. I then go into Multi-Player and go to the IP i played on yesterday and I will be on for a spilt second then I'll have a white screen, a flash of a crash report, and then the launcher shuts down. Error Messages: Dissapears before i can read it. Error Log: [09:58:26] [sEVERE] ------------------------------------------ [09:58:26] [sEVERE] Launcher is
  6. Waiting to light stuff on fire.

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