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  1. Oh and thanks with mcnostalgia ... (its the same like "craften" ... but this work O.o)
  2. OK ... thx to xlyord for mcnostalgia ... before that i have used Craften (do the same) ehm ... now I can play with th mc version 1.2.5, BUT when I install the mod (with the modloader 1.2.5mc version and btw 1.2.5mc version) I get a error ... jeah D: And to the "why should btw go into technic launcher", simply --> ingame you can use tchnicel thinks ... just in medival times ^^ PS: sorry when I forgot someone ... PPS: sorry for man bad english again ( Now I had not enough time to replie^^)
  3. ok O.O Thats kinda awesome ... I just ask a question where you think you get 1 or 2 replies ... and what I get is a nerly big discuss. ehm ... First: Thank 4 all the replies Second: ... I will read it now ... so I come back later ^^
  4. Hi, I am just a teenager who wants to play many Minecraft Mods as possible ... (and sorry 4 my bad english I come from german ^^). ehm ... I have played many mods and mod-packs and i wanted to play Btw (Better than wolves), but it don't worked with the current MC (Minecraft) version ... and that's bad. BUT you launcher is very very very nice .... (good job here), so you can play Mod-Packs that in the current Mc version dont work. And I will you thanks a lot if you can add Btw in youre launcher, because this is an awesome mod too^^ Wfg Nathan
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