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  1. Just a small update, our spawn world is currently unavailable. The gameplay world is still active however.
  2. You assume things were spawned but fail to realize the server has been running for a few weeks now. And killing you is sort of the point of a war server.
  3. Think you have what it takes to thrive in a world where everyone might be out to get you? Then join our server and show us what you've got! With only a handful of gameplay-balancing restrictions and a bordered world, warfare can be as ruthless as you want it to be. Connect to our server at: mc.empclan.com or ~Rules~ Xray-ing, duplicating items, and/or fly hacking will get you banned without appeal. Be respectful to players and community members. Disrespectful players will be muted. Greifing Spawn, or any designated Safe-Zone will result in a ban. Admins and Moderators
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