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  1. Welcome to “Tek A Ride”, after 3 years of being dead, the “Clockwork Tekkit” crew, comes back with the whole new independent server “Tek A Ride”. We hope to provide a friendly enviroment in which you can develop your own rockets with fun! Hostname: tekaride.eoc.io Ip: Slots: 20 Disabled or Banned mods or items: None Don’t be aggresive towards other players, fights happen but keep it cool Speak english Don’t abuse items to on purpose break the server, this won’t be tolerated and will result in a ban Keep it fun for others Respect the staff The staff currently consists of 2 people: jan2645, owner and overall god eaterofcorpses, server admin and owner Want to be part of the staff? show us how trustworthy you are and we'll ask you if you want to be part of the staff If you want to join, please create a reply with the following: minecraft name age how long you are playing tekkit, and what your qaulities are in tekkit why you want to join this server See you on the other side!
  2. is there a new ip? if so please tell me i love this server to bits

  3. Butters we gaan komende week van Tekkit naar FTB wijzigen ga je mee of kap jer mee? Mail me maar op [email protected]

  4. So im guessing the server was shutdown or it broke

    1. EaterOfCorpses


      Sorry didn't receive the mails :( but the hoster downgraded java but its running now again, but we are gonna change to FTB pack just me me at [email protected] if you want to join :3

  5. is the server down?

  6. hey can you add my freind wow996 to the whitelist tekkit server

  7. Based on the problems that had been occurring lately, and the fact that you deleted the recruitment thread, I'm guessing you've shut down the server. Though I'm hoping its not for good.

    1. EaterOfCorpses


      :( they deleted my thread because it didn't follow the guidelines but I did I think the problem is that the dns server is down :(

    2. Zafuuru


      Well I'm glad to hear you didn't shut the server down. I had just thought up something new to build, and i had no where to build it. Hopefully the DNS server will be up soon

  8. Hey i seem to be having problems connecting to the server it keeps coming up cannot resolve hostname but i was wondering what the direct address is it was one the forum post but it doesnt seem to be there anymore.

  9. Yes but you must count world anchors as players too since they keep chunks loaded
  10. Apple sucks. My server runs on 3GB RAM and a whole i7 core and a 300GB SSD and it runs smooth as butter I got Essentials installed and thats it because I stop the server properly lol
  11. Wow thank u so much :D And its great the server is a european server! In which country is it? Im from belgium by the way.

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    2. butters110


      Ik kan nog niet joinen is dit normaal? Mijn naam is : butters110

    3. EaterOfCorpses
    4. EaterOfCorpses


      als het goed is is het gefixt :)

  12. Im creating a GUI for the Tekkit Server with features like auto backup and so forth but I want to make it able to update itself so is there like a XML JSON or YML file with the recent server version and download link?
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