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  1. Happy new year every one and i hope its a successful year for every one !
  2. Christmas is coming and it shows come on now and get a free complimentaty machine starter kit /kit machine
  3. Also dont forget we have of course /kit tools to use which also gives u some food!
  4. Make sure u use /kit machine when u get on gives u items such a macerator generator bat box and so on!!
  5. Hey guys we have a new competition running every month now, the top voter on our website that votes for our server the most receives 1 monh of VIP status!
  6. Tell us what you think about our new server hoodie!
  7. Thats right guys now VIPS can now use CC so get on now and build urself a cinema to watch star wars and have ur little turtle buddy with you!
  8. Please note we are looking for more staff , if u want to join our team send me a message on our website :)