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  1. Thanks for the help. You have to have a wire separating the two transformers, for anyone reading this at a later date
  2. I tried that, but it still blew the battery box I had attached to it. Should I try to run multiple transformers?
  3. Anyone know how to take the 256 volts of electricity the advanced solar generator puts out and make it 120 volts? I tried to use a transformer, but I couldn't figure out how they work. Even if you link me to the original post the transformers are from would help a lot. Thanks in advance
  4. RPG be the second best person on this server. Only person better is blackie in my oppinion
  5. EVERYONE POSTING ON HERE ABOUT A BAN APPEAL, STFU MEN AND WOMEN!!! The original post SPECIFICALLY says to PM blackie, not spam the frikkin post!! I know there are problems with this server, but they haven't been around very long. Give them a while to get everything fixed. I like this server a lot, and if blackie closes it because of some ignorant, hot-headed punks keep harassing him about the "errors in judgement" that "he" made, I'm gonna be pissed. Not very often is it that blackie bans someone himself, and when he does, there is a legitimate reason as to why. Please stop whining about your own stupidity on here!
  6. If the server goes down, STFU!! We all know that it is down!! As my good friend DakinX said, Just wait and blackie will post when the server is back up.
  7. Can everyone that got banned STOP POSTING ON THE THREAD!?!? On the original post, blackie said to PM him for a ban appeal, not spam the damn thread!! There are 31 pages to this thread, and half of them are about ban appeals. Shut up and deal with it or listen to the instructions! Either way, grow up.
  8. once you log off, all your tickets get closed Just wait for the server to start back up. -astro
  9. What is the need to pay people for your return? Just keep your diamonds, and get a large amount of them. Then do a random item drop at spawn with them. That's fun. -astro
  10. Why does everyone complain about being banned? Wait a couple days before whining about a ban and asking for a ban repeal. DON'T ask the same day you where banned! It isn't very likely that they will say, "Sure, I will let someone that was proved a griefer back into my server less than 24 hours after they where banned." Not very smart people. Grow up! -astro
  11. Most of this post is directed towards blackie and awesomeaim, so don't misinterpret this!! Why don't you ask blackie for a ban appeal latter on? Wait for him to calm down so you two can have a nice civilized talk instead of screaming at one another over a friggin' video game. Just a consideration because I don't like to see stuff like this on the post about one of the best servers I have ever found. Don't you even think about turning hostile to me, 'cause I was just giving you an idea. BTW blackie, great server. One suggestion I have is making POW an admin, as he is the only mod on late at night (PST). People are always bugging him for a rank up, and he does the best he can to answer the tickets. Please consider it. -astro
  12. I have no clue what my emc farm puts out and I dont really care. It runs off snowmen!!! Thats right, SNOWMEN!!! Oh, and some RedPower blocks
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