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  1. Pretty much the same result. If i copy the contents of the OptiFine zip technic will say "launching"' for eternity.
  2. I've been trying for a couple hours now to try and get some advanced shader mods, and actually to be specific, OptiFine, ShadersMod, and SEUS v10, to work on Tekkit. I've seen a fuckload of tutorials on how to get it to work with Tekkit Lite, and they all are like bam copied into the modpack.jar file. I try it and after I log into the launcher, minecraft launches but only whitescreens. No Mojang screen at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Well, I just made a new world, but the rain option in the inventory screen works. I had had it on recipe mode so never saw it. Thank you!
  4. Deleting the .technic folder didn't fix it :/ I redownloaded the server client as well and put my world into it so the only thing I figure is world corruption or something over taxing the server.
  5. Well, I can do that, but it's happening to everyone who tries to logon :c Could I just save the world file from the server and delete the rest, and then reinstall bukkit/tekkit?
  6. I'm not even sure, I was looking through options this morning, but I didn't change anything. When I got home people were playing on it perfectly, I was talking to them through the console. I tried to log on, and it broke everything. I believe it says java read error in the tekkit console.
  7. Well, now I can't even log onto my tekkit server. When I try I get like 1 frame every 10 seconds, and then the tekkit game client crashes (not the server)
  8. I feel really stupid for having to post a forum post about this, but on my Tekkit SMP Server I cannot get it to rain or snow. Toggledownfall does NOTHING, and it won't even toggle off, just says "toggled on" every time I enter it.
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