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  1. Dropbox had saved some previous versions that i reverted to. The error appears to be gone. But il leave this open incase someone knows what it was. Resolved: It appeared to be related to shaders. Which i no longer have installed.
  2. Having made my modpack and run it for quite a while, im surprised by this bug that has appeared from nowhere! basically, everything, including the sky seems darker. Infact, its so dark that light sources make hardly and difference.. My modpack is called GeoSpace if you want to test it yourself..
  3. I dont mean to intentional bump this thread, but I too have this issue. Only this is with my modpack. I have the exact same problem as described here, no items listed and crashing when searching in creative. Was any fix discovered?
  4. Ive set up a modpack, and it runs fine on singleplayer. However, when I go on multiplayer (Hosting my own server) I cannot spawn in mod items as I get an "No such ID" error. Also when trying to craft a mod item (e.g diamond fence) I put in the materials and the product appears in the box, but I cannot move the item out of the box. I followed a tutorial which told me to put my mods, coremods and config in the server folder that I run it from, and I removed some mods which are client side (nei, optifine ect.. Although Im not quite sure which mods are needed in the server folder!) The mods included in my server folder are: Please help asap! Thanks!
  5. So I set up a modpack just before, but when I load it it takes me back to the launcher. Thus I opened console and observed it. Ive concluded that this is the error: This version of FML is built for Minecraft 1.6.2, we have detected Minecraft 1.6.4 in your minecraft jar file Im not sure how to fix this. As I used the 1.6.2 version of FML (which I renamed to modpack.jar and put in my bin folder) but I never installed a minecraft file at all? So how do I get it to load up with 1.6.2 minecraft?? Nevermind, just realised I had it set to 1.6.4 on the website ~*facepalm*
  6. I'm not sure. Like I said, that's the problem I faced for quite a while on my server.
  7. Its something to do with the command /stoplag conflicting. When its /stoplag It seems to do the opposite, it lets drops, well, drop. While /stoplag -c prevents block drops. Might just be for me.. Try reinstalling your plugins.
  8. Yes I definitely remember playing on the hack slash mine server. I was there when the ip changed to the aegis one and both ips worked. That was long ago old times.
  9. If its a mojang problem it will be here http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/
  10. A request to bring the table back please! I can't be the only one who wants it back! There are literally thousands of recipes! And the Bench really speeds up production. That's why I think you should bring it back.
  11. Crate kits with stuff like Rm furnaces and other added features for donators, then use buycraft to automate the command to give them the items! or just give them a cookie.
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