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  1. Hey im trying to save myself the hassle of started a problems thread. Are you using essentials groups manager and such? Because i seem to be having a problem where mining turtles and quarries dont mine(not even for op) And relays and such cant be placed. Admin and such groups can use the relays or whatever but for some reason builder groups cant.

  2. This isn't the place to advertise your server, it's a place "for server operators to talk about how many RAMS they have, what are the cool Bukkit plugins to use, how neat it is to do this sort of event for your community, that sort of stuff."
  3. Hey guys, I run a 18-slot (768mb Ram) server and I just wanted to share some the of plugins I use to run my server with relative ease. AutoSaveWorld - This is a god send, when I first started the server I was forever forgetting to do /save-all when I restarted and we pretty much had constant rollbacks until I added this, haha. Essentials - This is a beautiful plugin, very easy to use and setup with very little management. You can ban items, even stop them from being placed down. It handles all the permissions side of the server. After spending about 18 hours straight trying to get permissionsEX working correctly I just gave up and went back to using this LogBlock - If you have a whitelist server and you trust your players you should still get this, because I have both on my server (WL and trusted players) and it still comes in handy. If someone builds somewhere they shouldn't, if someone rages and decides to grief the hell out of your server. Just roll it back The lookup and rollback times are all adjustable and the plugin in general is very user friendly. Highly recommend this for ALL server owners. WorldEdit - If you don't have this or world guard or you don't know what they are and you are in this section then please leave! WorldGuard - ^ Anti-Creeper - GF Creepers. They still cause damage to players (much to my member's dismay) but not to the environment, awesomesauce. No-Kick - I got this because for some reason no matter how I edit afk options everyone seems to be "afk" until they enter pvp combat. If anyone has any advice on this please let me know :)