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  1. I'm a server owner myself, and i found that some people are trading modified tekkit launchers. They sell their "Hacked" launchers for money. This is a confirmed issue, as people who have a 'modified' tekkit launcher get access to creative mode even IF they are not an op! I need to know a fix for this fast, as many servers are at risk of being griefed badly. I repeat this, i'm not trolling, not faking and this does work! People sell their modified launchers to get access to creative mode on any server
  2. When will tekkit lite finally going to support craftbukkit plugins?
  3. Explain this, if not bukkit, who would create plugins that work for tekkit? Tekkit lite does not seem to support plugins.
  4. I just don't want any light. The whole would should be as dark as possible
  5. It's them bukkit staff! They told me: Locked. You should be requesting Tekkit mods on the Tekkit forums. Look in the modder's metropolis section...
  6. lugin category: Fun Suggested name: Earthquake Creator What I want: I want to create a plugin which removes skylight. This plugin would remove skylight completely and create an epic darkness all around the world. Is this possible to code? Ideas for commands: /skylight off/on Thanks for reading, hope you like it.
  7. lugin category: Fun Suggested name: Earthquake Creator What I want: The earthquake plugin should create a ravine. The size of ravine is configured by the magnitude, but the rate of blocks being destroyed is configured by the time (minutes) The earthquake should happen beneath the player or could be configured to set off at specific coordinates. The damage should correspond to the magnitude (see below) and will damage anyone within 30 block radius of the ravine. Ravine is not allowed to break bedrock but it will breaks any other blocks. The damage corresponds to if they are near it and it could also print a message in chat saying "[Warning] Earthquake has started at x,y,z" Config: Magnitude scale from 1-10 (richter scale) The rate should be minimum 0.10(configurable) Damage: Magnitude 1 will do 0.5 of a heart worth of damage per 4 seconds. The damage increases by 0.5 per magnitude. Scaling: The starting length of ravine at magnitude of 1 is 40 blocks in length. The length increases by 40 per magnitude of 1. Visuals: The ravine should be created from inside out, so the middle blocks first get's destroyed and it continues to open at the rate. The creation of ravine should go in layers, first the top layer and it should finish The rate (mins) should configure how fast the ravine is created. Suggested effect of it could be that players get slowness and nausia Ideas for commands: /earthquake "magnitude" "time" "x" "y" Ideas for permissions: player.earthquake Version of the plugin: 1.2.5 (Bukkit devs refused) Tekkit compatible? Yes Thanks for reading, hope you like it.
  8. Plugin category: Fun Suggested name: Tornado Creator What I want: When you type /tornado 1, you spawn a tornado at scale of 1. The time is for how long the tornado will last. Tornado should move 1 block per second (configurable) Config: Tornado size 1-5 Blocks which tornado can destroy (stone,dirt,grass,log,leaves,water..) Damage: It should do 1 heart per 2 seconds for every scale. Scaling: The tornado should be atleast 20 blocks in length. Visuals: It's tnt explosions in shape of a vortex and it will move in the direction that the player is looking at. Width - 2 blocks minimum. It will increase by 2 for every scale. Height - 20 minimum. It will increase by 10 for every scale. The players that are caught in a tornado are pushed back by knockback effect,blinded and slowed. Ideas for commands: /tornado "1-5" "time" Ideas for permissions: player.tornado
  9. Title: Duplication bug Version: 3.1.2 OS: Win7 Ultimate (64 bit) Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: To recreate it, you must have block breaker and automatic crafting table. You place item inside a auto crafting table and you break it using block breaker. The total amount of items dropped from the crafting table is doubled. Error Messages: Error Log:
  10. I have a problem, which keeps bothering me when i startup tekkit. There's conflict with block 142:1 (basalt) and conflict with IC2. I'm not sure, where the redpower 2 config file is in tekkit server folder.
  11. This is a problem which is getting worse everytime. Randomly, this stuff happens,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#0 And this,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#2,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#3 or even,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#4 So i deleted my map but then.... Again. The same chunk is loaded. I'm not sure how it even got loaded as it was deleted and i made a new map Here's a same chunk. The whole map was deleted! I'm not even sure how it got there. I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with my server, but i'm tired of keep resetting my whole god damn map just to make it look better. If anyone could diagnose and resolve this problem, I would be gratefull.
  12. But, Foresters like best plugin. It can make landscape become covered in forest, even though do you suggest any plugins other than forester?