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  1. My technic platform downloads the modpack finishes without errors then when I click launch again it starts downloading again. I am using the latest stable build (#293) and using a custom modpack... I have tried with every other default modpacks and the same happens Edit: I have tried on multiple computers and even a friend tried but nothing worked :\
  2. When right clicking (or use item) on a pump (Under Basic Pipes) the game crashes I have tried on a server and client. this is happening in Voltz version 1.0.5
  3. Ok after getting the latest build of Technic pack ( version 7.2.6 ) After staring a survival world i spawned in a desert so naturally i got some sand. but right after getting sand it dissapeared! so after some frustration i decided to turn on NEI and cheat in some sand and 1 by 1 the stack of sand in my inventory dissapeared in about 20 seconds what should i do?
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