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  1. Everytime I update my custom pack on the launcher, it doesn't change the current config files with the files in the zip. The only fix for this is to manually delete the config folder and let the update put the new files in.
  2. Use transporter plugin instead, at least then at least one world will have it working.
  3. We're moving to FTB, so the tekkit server wont be up anymore. For more info check our forums
  4. I'll unban you as we're currently changing to FTB anyway
  5. It means you griefed a griefer trap set by us to catch early griefers. It was the red matter inside the glass house
  6. Well, for starters walk away, second, not grief or attempt to break an entry to get something that isn't yours
  7. We've recently added votifier and herochat to the server. Herochat still needs setting up, but votifier has been setup on 2 sites thus far. Tekkitserverlist, and Minecraftserverlist (I would link, but not sure if it would violate any rules)
  8. First build off competition has finished on our server, slowly getting ready for the second one with some changes to the rules.
  9. Just to let you guys know, we'll be moving host soon, so there will be an IP change, however the old server will redirect new users to the new server by MOTD and ingame messages. As for right now, apparently the domain name isn't working for some users, so I removed it from the first post to prevent confusion for can't resolve hostname errors.
  10. All ban appeals need to be done via the forum, check the first post for a link
  11. We recently turned mobs back on and changed difficulty to hard by request
  12. We recently started a new world due to some issues on the previous one
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