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  1. Hope you can save the worldfile :/ Ace, if not else we can try to run the server on my PC! I'm only worried about my internet connection will be enough(think it can handle two persons that is not me without lagg)
  2. Oqce54 Is not going to be online for about a week due to a trip to lappland so don't unwhitelist him. ^^ But Ill come on now ^^
  3. sure, good servers attract people so don't worry about the amount of applicants ^^ we will wait :P
  4. IGN: Deas560 Age: 16 Experience with Tekkit: Not much really with this version, Know buildcraft and some other small stuff How long you have been playing for: normal mc since 1.7, technic I started playing at some point quite a while ago(can't remember) What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): I try to build awesome bases that involve building and redstone related stuff, and of course stuff tekkit adds Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I'm a helpful person and I know my redstone Off topic: Im bad at remembering stuff, hope I remember to check this page again(will write it up on my desktop thou) I will also try to get a friend to fill out this application so maybe you get two new server members ^^ I also like to live away from others, my buildings can get big sometimes(really far away, I'v been 10000 blocks away from spawn by walking sometimes xD)
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