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  1. Anyone know of a working Xycraft version for 1.5.2? Or is it possible to run it in the pack? Im looking to use the multi tanks from it as they are very useful and look cool
  2. I can't seem to find any MOTD plugins at all for forge :S
  3. Is there any way to enable the Entities Radar on SMP? Doesn't seem to be there at all in the SMP version yet its on in the single player version?!
  4. The is no sense of direction for people who have used Tekkit Lite with IC2 though, that's the issue in the comment that means absolutely nothing to them and has no relevance. Even though we don't know the setups its not rocket science to know you need more than 100 MJ/t so I can't for the life of me understand why people tell you that you don't need that much. I personally don't start a game making stuff I wont need in mid to late game as much as I can help it... its inefficient. People need a direction and a goal to work towards with the power systems because otherwise you end up running yourself ragged on things that are just useless. My whole perspective on how to start off a Tekkit game has changed now I know how to make a sustainable power with magmatic engines and pumps, just because it can go from that very early game low power and still be the same setup but larger scale mid to late game giving me exactly what i need instead of making pointless contraptions to smelt a piece of iron every 10 minutes with 37891372189378921 peices of coal .
  5. Lost count the amount of times I have seen people say this since the new version of Tekkit has come out, and tbh it's just a pointless comment. The reason it's a pointless comment is because its all relative to what your building and how you build it. As an example: If you have 1 machine that use 5Mj/t connected to it then you are indeed correct that it is beyond pointless producing that much power, where as if you have 30 machines automated that could potentially all be on at the same time then it is not pointless in anyway shape or form because those 30 machines would consume all of the power and more being produced by that power hub/supply. I personally run everything from one power supply to keep things easy and neat. Running 2 quarrys and an automated system out of something restricted to 100 MJ/t and a max capacity of 6,000,000 MJ isn't going to help my little machine friends when the supply going into the Cell can't exceed 100 MJ/t and its draining faster than it can fill it. Do you see my point? Please correct me if im wrong though!
  6. Ok guys I have managed to figure something out playing in a creative mode on single player! 16 magmatic engines, 3 energy tesseract's to teleport power to 2x pump that were to pump lava and teleport the lava into pipes to supply the magmatic engines. this can charge an energy cell in 8 minutes and completely self sustaining based on the pump being able to supply lava so i guess you could just keep moving them around the nether . This setup could just keep getting bigger and bigger as well i guess as the engines don't explode and worst case scenario would be smack it with an omni wrench ^^ Picture to see how i did it as well! This is a lot of stuff and not early game but you could make a very small version of this and expand it into an automated system like it is there :p
  7. Ok, I will be brutally honest here! I played a lot of Tekkit Lite which ofc ment I was used to being able to create large amounts of power very quickly with IC2 - I would just get the materials i needed and pump lava through and then just convert it to power, expand when needed and job done until Nuclear. This is all well and good but now this has left me in a predicament I can't seem to get myself out of! What is the most efficient way to create power in Tekkit? My conclusion so far is a little vague I guess but I will explain what my though process is so far with mods im not all too familiar with. Redstone Engines:- I find that I cannot create enough with the 0.05 MJ/t at high heat. This only leave me with 1 conclusion that I would need literally LOADS of them to become even remotely useful, or am I missing the point here? Sterling Engine:- With 1 MJ/t they are more efficient but still the tick is really low and I find myself needing more. My answer again with this was to create more of them - it soon became obvious that I would need a shed load of resource to keep filling them up (coal, buckets of lava etc) so I ruled out creating large amounts of power with them due to the resource needed. Combustion Engine:- This is where I landed in a world of more efficient power - However when i looked into creating a more automated system to create the water cooling and resource needs, I just became even more confused. This sort of setup I found that the power i was creating was never enough for supply and demand, there was always too much demand to create the supply :S So as you can see im totally retarded when it comes to this and im looking for a bit of guidance from people to help me create a sustainable power source or some kind of loop that would create constant power that i could then store in Energy Cells etc to then connect my machines too! Maybe im thinking too larger scale but I can't help thinking that there needs to be a certain scale to it otherwise the MJ/t is so low its pointless? If anyone could explain a setup that would be good to use/create or even point me in the direction of a guide/pictures that would be awesome, as i can't seem to find anything :/ Cheers!
  8. Just looking for advice on what people are doing to protect their computercraft computers? Within about 2 hours of my server going public the screens had been griefed. Is there a way you can stop people getting access to them as i guessed by watching 2 guys changing it that they just break screen block and then right click the computer between it breaking and then lagging before appearing again? Long story short i have a rules board and would prefer to keep it :p
  9. Thats not entirely true, every block i have used so far is protected by factions. A list of the things that would need looking into are actually items rather than blocks. Chests not secure (use LWC to secure, fix is here) Machines not secure (use LWC to secure, fix is here) Items in EE will destroy through the protection, things like Catalytic Lens, Destruction Catalyst, Nova Cataclysm and Catalyst (These can be solved by a fix to EE that makes it work through bukkit properly allowing factions to see the block break and stop it - Fix is here) Weapons mod ignores pvp flags and dynamite ignores factions block protection so it destroys blocks (Only thing I have found to do so far is ban the items because i cant find a fix) Happy Factioning!
  10. Use Factions 1.7.4dev alpha build. Got it working on my server and running chat through essentials - no errors at all :)
  11. Just one more quick question actually. I can't seem to get the second number to work on there now :/ as an example... lets say i dont want to stop people having 214 which is a world anchor but i want to stop them having a block of steel which is 214:2 - how would I type that into it now because im not entirely sure how its working now you have typed that with ?* after it ps. Catalytic lens has meta data due to its charge status i think, when i dont use the meta data it doesn't remove them :<
  12. Works perfectly, thanks a lot :D
  13. Hi guys, im pretty stumped with this at the moment- hoping some one will shed some light on it I can get modifyworld to work one way but not the other (And I am not sitting here entering all the ID's for the longer working way haha) Here is the restricted modify world version of my permissions: groups: Member: default: true permissions: - modifyworld.* - -modifyworld.items.have.(x27556:71) - -modifyworld.items.drop.(x27556:71) - -modifyworld.items.pickup.(x27556:71) - mbr.mbce - mbr.fortune - mbr.mb options: rank: '1000' (ps. I have also tried it with modifyworld.* under the removed permissions in theory of loading in an order, this also did nothing...) With this the item (Catalytic Lens) modifyworld does absolutely nothing.. played for ages and couldn't see what the issue is. I eventually turned on PermissionsEX debug mode and find this: 17.08 12:43:01 [server] INFO User Rection checked for "modifyworld.items.drop.x27556:71", "modifyworld.*" found So my brain ticks over a bit more and to test a theory, I change my permissions to this: groups: Member: default: true permissions: - modifyworld.items.have.(x27556:71) - modifyworld.items.drop.(x27556:71) - modifyworld.items.pickup.(x27556:71) - mbr.mbce - mbr.fortune - mbr.mb options: rank: '1000' Now I can keep the item thus meaning that the permission nodes are working and in the console from PermissionsEX I see this, confirming its working: [server] INFO User Rection checked for "modifyworld.items.pickup.x27556:71", "modifyworld.items.pickup.(x27556:71)" found [server] INFO User Rection checked for "modifyworld.items.drop.x27556:71", "modifyworld.items.drop.(x27556:71)" found Why on earth does it work when I do not have "modifyworld.*" but when I add it, it stops working?! /megaconfused Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  14. I think your missing the point in what he said. He wants to remove them from his >>>Existing<<< world and disable them - meaning that he wants to remove ones that have already been place down and are working? Ironically I am also looking to find this out as well, doing a bit of research on my server and finding one has been going for just over 2 days now - currently broken over 700,000 blocks of cobble >.<. Anticheat plugin with debug mode turned on has made this clear to me along with a few other bits but unfortunately what I cannot find is its location so i can remove it .
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