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  1. i hope you know that i do play technic or else i wouldnt know of this place
  2. hi guys i don't no if this is the right place to put this post but anyways i am using magic launcher and i have the mods listed bellow and whenever i try to log in it just shows up as a white screen and it wont change help?!?!? compactsolar ironchest zeppelin nei redpower plugin nei thaumcraft plugin buildcraft codechickencore nei redpower modloader optifine forge advancedmachines ee2 industrialcraft invtweaks logistics pipes thaumcraft wr-cbe addons wr-cbe core wr-cbe redpower
  3. hi i want to create a server for me and some of my friends and i want it to be whitelisted and i have no idea where to start can somebody help me? and i dont want it running all the time. thanks
  4. If you want a reliable tekkit server to play on, you should join mine.

    IP: play.ragemc.com:30001

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      and it just got shut down they couldnt pay

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