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  1. need to figure out why b-team and multiverse doesnt work together to well.... having issues with creating a world that spawns the witch circle structures
  2. Server ip: News: 24/7 uptime updated to 1.0.9 Server Rules: [1] No cheating/hacking [2] No advertising IPs/Websites [3] Use English in chat (No excessive cussing) [4] Do not spam or use all caps [5] No asking for OP/Free Stuff/Creative [6] Respect faculty members [7] Play with common sense Key features: Survival Friendly game-play for all ages 32 lag free player slots! 24/7 up-time - Hosted commercially, not home hosted!
  3. server is now 1.0.9 and yes anyone can join and for the connection issue nationa11s its probably on your end not sure about that though as no one has posted any issues
  4. server was full earlier but now isnt to bad sorry for anyone that couldnt connect
  5. website is up and running and off to a good start thx to all the people who helped
  6. will be running a contest soon for best screenshot to go on our webpage so do your best everyone and good luck.
  7. getting ready to open another world for those that like b-team without being attacked or having there stuff destroyed. we are making a non PvP world!
  8. The server does not restart constantly just once in a while to reduce lag and also to install plugins as it IS A NEW SERVER and we had a player spawn camp which he got banned after being told to stop multiple times. spawn is now protected from pvp so that will not happen again. Also i think you just might be the player that got banned so hope you have fun on another server buddy
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