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  1. Wow I haven't been on this server in so many MONTHS, I think I stopped playing around the time when ranks stopped being handed out by admins and npcs did it instead. How is everyone?
  2. what the hell! i was making my house and had to leave, i come back on and someone else named linacraftpro has just decided to finish it and move in! an admin needs to look at this! HE CANT DO THIS!!!! coords are: x -393 z -374
  3. the server crashed and now my white alchemy bag is empty! would it be possible for an admin to restore it? if so please do! thanks very much My IGN is gtapokomon
  4. bored... i was just about to make my emc farm for wizard rank when the server went into maintenance, but at least i got a chance to make it on a singleplayer world and test it
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