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  1. thanks guys for help yeah the problem was versions
  2. The tekkit server is opened and my friend and I try to join it after lunching the tekkit luncher and the server kicks us for having no mods what should we do?
  3. man i have seen this guide tried it 2 time (me and friend) and i still cant get it working
  4. it just doesnt run at all it does nothing plz tell how to start right what to download and the first steps then i will find a way
  5. sure i did I tried it and a friend tried it and we still cant get the sever going
  6. Hello again. I am trying to install and run a tekkit server for the hole weekend usint guids in windows 7 widows XP external guides and so on and I still cant get the server run Please help me I just want to play tekkit too badly
  7. sorry I forgot to tell that I use XP no W7 and the guide didnt help me much
  8. I cant manage to start the server.. can someone help me please do so? What are the steps to run the server?
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