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  1. you need to macerate obsidian with a crusher, but the problem is the only way to get a crusher is through hacks, because to get refined steel you need a machine but to make that machine you need refined steel... its a bug but if our playing on single player just spawn urself 32 refined steel and your good to go

    You seem to know what you're talking about :) Mind adding your information to our official wiki in the Mekanism mod area? wiki.universalelectricity.com

  2. Actually there's hardly any documentation and there's a lot to explain. I just tried to create Enrichment Chamber but I need refined steel for this, and the only way to make refined steel I could figure out uses Enrichment Chamber...

    Some modders need to document their stuff. My mods are all documented.

  3. It's really good to see more modders getting involved in Technic, especially with something as cool as UE!

    Will you be checking here often, for example to read suggestions, or is it better to post them elsewhere?

    Won't hang around this forum often but will come in once in a while. I mainly stay around in the UE forums: http://calclavia.com/forum.php
  4. Same problem: Configs would be nice

    Also, please don't hate on sengir.

    Whether or not his reason for pulling the mod from the pack was valid or not, it was his wish, and you have to respect that.

    There are configs in the config folder, but it's slightly hidden. Config file is in "config/UniversalElectricity/ICBM.cfg".

  5. I know about the code, and about the requests, but from what I've seen, he is a paranoid person in general, and he evidently thought that it probably wouldn't be removed. His problem. How bout we end this discussion, because I don't want to be responsible for hijacking this tread. Sorry.

    Back on topic: If you want it in the pack, I recommend you focus more on ironing out what you have (bug fices, etc.) before adding content. The technic team really only add (more or less) issue free(ish) mods.

    That's what I'm working on now! The 1.3.2 update bugged everything up. It wasn't this buggy before but I'm fixing things on the way.

  6. I was under the impression most modders just had bigger things to deal with, the only real hate would be from the two oft-mentioned, Sengir and FC.

    I care about fans and they are one of the big things I have to deal with. :)

  7. You seem to have been spared the environment the Technic pack often has to survive to. In other words, modders and a big part of the minecraft community hates us for nonexistent reasons.Thus, it's pretty rare to see a good modder accept us as a legit and honorable community.

    Oh. I didn't know that. I find the Technic pack great for making industrial mods work together and it's pretty dumb-proof (or in other words, makes things easy to install). Note that I don't know the history of Technic since I started modding... 3 months ago?

  8. This thread has single handedly (should that be single threadedly?) restored my faith in the minecraft modding community and humanity in general.

    Lol? How so?

  9. that level of variety sounds positively amazing. though it might not hurt to ensure you have full functionality to employ them first.

    out of curiosity, how do missiles handel un-loaded chunks

    I haven't really got to that part yet, but they should load the chunks. Never tries shooting missiles very far away and it's hard to test when you are playing with yourself. :)

  10. My only qualm is: Sigh, another form of electricity. Other then that, great mod

    P.S What do you mean, to "join the technic pack"?

    If you are talking about being a mod "picker: Sorry mate, making one good mod dosent neccesairily mean you have the best taste in them.

    If you are talking about being a forum mod: Build respect, and outstanding reputation for upholding the forums rules and serving as an example.

    If you are talking about downloading the pack: ... Download the launcher. Do you need a lmgtfy link?

    Sorry by using the word "join". I meant filling out an application or something for requesting my mod ICBM to be added to the Technic pack.

    As for another form of electricity, UE will feature a universal transformer allowing IC2 and BC electricity to convert to UE and vise versa.

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