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  1. Hey everyone! Got a new version we have been working on and playing on dev server last few weeks where we test the other UE mods. I would like to personally thank MissOpenEye the bot for the OpenEye guys which relays crash reports from their new project. It has been a huge help in locating bugs that probably would have never otherwise been known. So along with a new labcoat and goggles you get tons of bug fixes! Onward with science! Version 1.00.165 Changelog Data duplicator now requires a redstone signal to function. This prevents the idle sound from playing (which can be annoying) but also indicates the machine is drawing power. Fixed bug with thermosonic bonder not being fully automatable. Items can now be inserted and extracted from all sides. Fixed bug with Soniclocator not being able to locate OreDictionary blocks that used metadata. Fixed type casting bug in Magazine Loader breakBlock() method. Checks instanceof MagazineLoader before attempting to act on it. Fixed NPE bug in clay furnace when checking if furnace was in smoldering state on idDropped(). Fixed bug with possible itemstack attempting to return -1 when VoxBox was broken by entity that was not a player. Fixed NPE with Cryotube not checking if output slot was null properly. Fixed bug with AbominationEggBlock calling hasTileEntity(0) on block creation. Added Laboratory Coat and Leggings. Added goggles - "They do nothing!" Requirements: Forge: Minecraft Compatibility: 1.6.4 Dependencies: Universal Electricity 3.1+ Download Link: http://madsciencemod.com/files/download-info/version-1-00-165/
  2. Bug fix Mondays! An issue was reported on our tracker, since it was anon whoever that was thanks for helping us fix this sooner rather than later. Version 1.00.154 Fixed a Null Pointer Exception (NPE) bug in DNA Extractor that was created by allowing items other than needles to be inserted in last update. This system has been completely re-written and tested.
  3. We got a new version for everybody that you might really find interesting~ after playing survival on a server with the other UE devs for a couple of weeks we can determine for sure that getting a nether star is actually very, very hard. Peoples comments about Mad Science being expensive are indeed true. However it is definitely worth it once you actually obtain the level of technology that it can provide you and your base! Latest version is 1.00.153 fresh off the compiler this morning with tons of recipe additions to make obtaining DNA samples easier and most importantly a tangible and non-cheaty way to get wither skeleton spawn eggs before you have access to the thermosonic bonder (which requires a beacon to construct). The solution we came up with can best be summed up with the following image: The other changes accompany this and just simply make it easier to get DNA. The change log will explain it in good detail, happy Easter everybody and thank you for a great time in the MC community since we started in Jan. We are happy to be here and will continue making quality code and assets for the mod into the year! Version 1.00.153 Changelog Zombie heads now return a zombie DNA sample. Abomination drops silk (string) again. Rotten flesh now returns a zombie DNA sample. Spider eyes and silk (string) now return a spider DNA sample. Leather, beef cooked, and raw beef now provide a cow DNA sample. Eggs and feathers now return a chicken DNA sample. Eye of ender and ender pearls now return an Enderman DNA sample. Gunpowder now returns a creeper DNA sample. Raw pork or cooked returns a pig DNA sample. Any colored wool block will return a sheep DNA sample. Cooked or raw chicken now provides a chicken DNA sample. Leather boots, helmet, leggings, chest plate and buckets of milk will return a cow DNA sample. Fermented SpiderEye returns a cave spider DNA sample. Ink sac will now return a squid DNA sample. Creeper head will now provide creeper DNA sample. Skeleton skull will now provide a skeleton DNA sample. Fixed bug in DNA Extractor that would destroy items if output slot contained different item than what was smelted. Machine will now stop and wait for output slot to be cleared or smelted outputs to match. Sticky piston will provide a slime DNA sample. Added URL prompt for pi help symbol. When clicking and if gameSettings.chatLinksPrompt is enabled player will be prompted for action. Added recipe for creating wither skeleton spawn eggs to assist in the tedious task of harvesting their skulls to kill the wither which gives you a nether star which is needed to make the Thermosonic Bonder and everything else in Mad Science. Fixed bug where getDropItemId() in Abomination would return silk (enchantment book) instead of enderPerl. Abomination emits heart particles when in the presence of mod developers ronwolf, Prowlerwolf, FoxDiller. Added configuration option to disable M41A Pulse Rifle bullet damage to world blocks. Suggested by Angel_Kairi. Fixed bug with DNA extractor returning dirty needle when extracting from non-needle such as ghast tear or skeleton bone. Cleaned up DNA creation making it go in two phases for non-mutant and normal mobs. Disabled debug messages on needles when they decay over time and when they finally expire. Made meta-data sensitive version of addRecipe for DNA Extractor. Increased sound of pulse rifle from 0.1 to 0.75 after complaints of it being to quiet. Updated GUI for DNA Extractor to remove icon of needle from input slot since items other than needles can be placed there. Fixed bug with server-side container names returning "container.furnace". This has been corrected to fix reflection issues with Open Components.
  4. @masterzh: Maxwolf is the programmer, Prowler does the artwork. We use this name so not one of us can take all the credit. Thanks for tracking us down, we are on IRC also on EsperNet if you want to come hang out there and talk to us individually. First let me say that modpack you are making looks absolutely incredible, you are welcome to add Mad Science to it if you wish. The type of theme and "toys" we plan on adding are right up your alley. We have plans for decorative items, special toggle switches and buttons that look like things from laboratories, more forms of power generation, more genetically alerted mobs both utility and silly, and much more as we come up with as we go along like the VoxBox. We started Mad Science back in January of this year so depending on when you looked at it could have been very early or a little later but we are still very new to the modding scene for Minecraft.
  5. Version bump to Mad Science 1.00.141 Fixed crafting bug with M309 10mm Caseless ammunition giving an empty magazine upon crafting.
  6. Version bump to 1.00.139 because one of our users discovered if you place an empty book into the VoxBox it would cause a crash. This has been quickly remedied! VoxBox: Fixed divide by zero and bug with voxbox where it would not reset if input book was empty or has no valid dictionary words. VoxBox: Disabled debugging console output.
  7. It's that time again! We got a brand new version of the madness with new gadgets for you all to play with this coming weekend. We have been working hard on these machines and items over the last couple of weeks and really think you all will enjoy them! The coolest one by far is the M41A Pulse Rifle which has been introduced to help players with killing some of the more aggressive critters that genetic engineering had a tendency to create. Read on for change log, full details on our site with videos! Mad Science v1.00.138 Added Clay Furnace which will create whole blocks from a single iron or gold ore. Requires to be lit on fire with flint and steel. Finished implementation of pulse rifle. Working magazines, bullets and grenades. Initial commit for Magazine Loader tile entity, fills pulse rifle magazines quicker than any Steve. Initial commit for CnC machine. Cuts weapon components for Pulse Rifle out of iron blocks using high pressure water. Added initial commit for VoxBox which is based on Black Mesa Announcement System from Half-Life 1. Tweaked update checker to timeout after 500 millis if unable to ping Jenkins builder server to prevent unneeded lag on startup if server is down. Updated client proxy with custom particle rendering functions, grants ability to spawn bubbles and splash particles when normal MC only spawns them in water. Added custom explosion class that extends MC one to give more fine grain control over parameters of explosion and particles and sounds. Added Binary -> ASCII and ASCII -> Binary functions for decoding written books for CnC machine. Added MD5 methods into utility functions for fingerprinting purposes. Finalized code for Magazine Loader logic. Will only fill magazines up to 95/99 rounds to prevent jamming, requires at least 95 bullets in storage area to operate. Fixed bug with meatcube render instancing. Added Forge event hook for RenderPlayerEvent regarding Pulse Rifle. Allows EQUIPPED/3rd Person camera to convey using item status and animation. Refactored each tile entity and mob to have it's own sound init class. Much cleaner now! Added ricochet sounds for bullets when that event occurs. Pulse Rifle Grenades cause fire and explosion damage on collision, bullets have 1/100 chance of causing critical damage which will cause a very tiny explosion (explosive rounds are the best amirite?). Abomination eggs can always be broken by grenades, 1/100 chance of a bullet doing it, very susceptible to fire! Fixed bug where soniclocators would not be properly removed from location registry after destruction. Added config option to change clay furnace cook time in seconds. Default is 420 (7 minutes). Added more verbose startup messages during startup.
  8. Got a new update and also big version bump~ we are happy to announce we have hit version 1.00.97! This is the version that will be going in the updated Voltz modpack for 1.6.4 when that hits in the coming days so we are all very excited about that. We would have added more mobs but for stability decided against it. Updated build properties to 1.0 final for Voltz modpack. Added help system with pi symbol in upper right corner of every machine with GUI, clicking will open wiki link in default browser (totally not a reference to The Net). Fixed invalid characters that make Minecraft use smaller font in English language file. Added update checker that tells you how many builds behind you are, can be disabled.
  9. Version bump to Mad Science 0.91.88 this fixes a crash reported on dedicated server and also adds tooltips for all items and machines in the mod, even the GUI's now have tooltips to indicate input slots and how much energy or fluid or whatever is currently inside of them. Anyway, back to work! Added dynamically generated tooltips for combined genomes and spawn eggs which show base mob combinations. Added flavor text to each tile entity. Added tooltips to localization files and filled out all default English entries. Added hatching, subject neural and health tooltips to Cryotube GUI. Removed individual output slot classes and made them cpw SlotFurnace classes instead. Fixed 'NoClassDefFoundError' on dedicated server when running minetweaker mod. @Torezu: Will fix the post, not sure what happened to it... sorry about that. @Lethosos: You can however drain power from villagers memories, spelling mistake is fixed in latest version. Har har.
  10. We got the hot-fix ready and present Mad Science 0.91 for download! No major changes just adding German language localization provided by a user and fixing an embarrassing spelling mistake in the English one (Crogenic Freezer vs Cryogenic Freezer). Happy gaming and see you in a week or so with another update Fixed spelling mistake in English localization file. Thank you Vexatos! Added German localization support. Vexatos owed beer status += 1; Fixed argument out of bounds exception with Ender Squid. Thanks Kyotra!
  11. NOTE: Remember to delete your configuration file madscience.cfg and let it regenerate if you have previously installed the mod and are upgrading! Grab the latest version 0.9 of Mad Science! We have a new machine which acts like a quarry called a soniclocator, a new mob which is used in it's creation, several optimizations and improvements to help make the move to 1.7x more painless and more awesome features for you guys like autoID resolving now and localization support. Updated to UE 3.1.0 Removed UE as hard dep. Added Soniclocator device. Added auto ID resolver that will pick next available block or item ID automatically for you if there are conflicts. Added Techne model loader for loading models directly from file rather than .java model format. Refactored Components into individual items instead of metaitems in preparation for 1.7. Added recipe for Thumper device used in crafting Soniclocator. Added Enderslime mob which drops Enderslime item. Merged AI of Enderman and Slime together for Enderslime and made him drop Enderslime items on death. Added Enderslime block which is crafted from Enderslime items dropped from mob of the same name (can you see a theme here?) Cleaned up Cryotube code and removed unused imports. Added PACKETSEND_RADIUS to configuration files. Default is 25 blocks. Added THERMOSONICBONDER_FINALSACRIFICE configuration option. Controls what block is used in that devices recipe. Added config options for disabling Abomination teleporting and egg laying. Use of reflection to hide items in NEI now rather than manual hook and dependancy. Updated build scripts to remove dependancies on CCC and NEI. Added localization support for Slovenien. Thank you codebracker0! Revised versioning scheme to match pre-jenkins build numbers. Updated to Gradle build scripts which is Forge default now. Updated jenkins links in repo.
  12. Quick fix! Version 0.81 - Fixes crash on dedicated server with syringes decay. (jeez these biome query functions are very fickle!). Removed feature that checks to see if needle is in cold biome until reliable server-only method can be written. Sorry about that everybody, our bad! @Neowulf: Thank you very much :>
  13. The latest version of Mad Science version 0.8 is out now! We are happy to report that things are going really well! We have sorted out all the problems with the mod now and are going to be included in the Voltz modpack! This is a really awesome thing and has all of us who work on it very excited. Mad Science is also now featured on the Universal Electricity website along with the other popular mods that make use of the UE API. Upgraded Universal Electricity API to latest recommended, version UE is now a dependency and required to run Mad Science. Now a featured mod on http://universalelectricity.com/ (w00t!) Added options to config: Tweak individual machine energy usage for consumption, production and total internal storage defaults. Added options to config: Disable syringe/DNA sample decay feature if desired. Added options to config: Adjust decay rate of syringes and DNA samples in seconds. Added options to config: Adjust cook time for mainframe computer processing time to create new life forms. By default they are all 2600 ticks (approx 2 minutes). Filled syringes and DNA samples will not decay in cold environments such as snow biomes where temperature is low. Adjusted default decay time for filled syringes and DNA samples to be 30 seconds. Cryotube now turns off and resets if rotten flesh count reaches 64 in internal output slot for it. Cryotube now has new sound for when it is turned off. Cyrotube dead animation is now only played when rotten flesh output slot is full and redstone power is still applied. Cryotube sounds for hatching and growing villagers in the tube reduced by 90%. Updated Cryotube GUI to show icons in output slots for items that will occupy those slots. Cryotube on state now correctly shows when redstone signal on and no nether star or villager spawn eggs or data reels. Increased Cryotube hatching time by double the previous amount. Updated sounds for syringes when stabbing mobs or yourself. Breaking disgusting meat cube will now reward you with a single bone rather than a full meat cube for you to place back down.
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