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  1. Yes it is. About images> its explained 2 posts above your first.
  2. I am proud to present you very rare thing, based on my decision to keep most of it for machinima. First ever showcase of offensive/defensive E.R.A.M. force. Keep in mind its still early WIP. There are few facts which are not clear from vid so i am going right on them. Obviously i was heavily inspired by Oblivion(2013). Main idea was to create drone with pop-up weapons as small as possible with external hull. Even that my main weapons are clearly aesthetic there is still space to put something else there. 2 blocks of space on each side directly controlled by redstone rods. Drone can rotate th
  3. Congrats to 1.7! Great work. Few things... I cant see carriages in motion.(movement) They simple disappear until they are on place. Template carriage does not have right click "ghost" view.
  4. First to purpose of this thread. I will no longer post any shots or reveal anything specific about E.R.A.M. lore or structures. Instead i will start to spam recruiting propaganda every second post.(or until i get banned) 90% of jobs are still free so until i get proper team you have to deal with it. No help = no (free) awesomeness from E.R.A.M. here. Project future stages: (click to enlarge) As you can see we plan to create machinima series instead of any media updates. Machinima has low to none priority right now however i do want to start recruiting team in advance. (if you look at my p
  5. Only small news about social media update. IRC: #ERAM (if you feel like asking/discussing something ERAM related...) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-R-A-M-Project/656201701118658 (for fast news if its your favorite online social networking service) Twitter: https://twitter.com/ERAM_corp (same as above)
  6. Big welcome to me new buddy. We will push this project to the new limits of minecraft modding universe. Limits created and overcome by same people. Us. E.R.A.M. will have no competition creating and winning its own era of detailed, functional and massive builds with custom modpacks. Heil...viva E.R.A.M. ! To feed some media-hungry players here is my 1day work. Its underground testing laboratory for my CC programmer. Yes this will be all his and full of CC....ehm....stuff? (seriously he need nothing as we have portable computers now) Front view on entrance tube, middle corridor and contro
  7. No need to be sorry. Glad you made the effort to make this mod live or even bring up some new features.
  8. Another bunch of shots of todays (re)work on main station systems... [Top view] Did you think its just fancy looking platform? Bro, this is full of logic, sensors and other shit! Pfff... Elevator control rooms. (left side 3x striped carphenter doors) BEHOLD! MasterZH and his rslogic "happy hour". (if you get the (dirty?)reference ) Another even more "dirty" point of view on RS-porn... Overview of 3 elevator control rooms merged together with some fancy toys around... I do love to play with railcraft blocks time to time... <3 New lights design? Muhahahohaha!(crazy laugh)
  9. I get crash with latest RemainIM on server when i try to put down new hollow carriage. http://pastebin.com/1GTuNNEB
  10. Concept goes like this: Air get sucked in to ventilation shafts on the surface. Get filtrated in A. filtration section. Get distributed to A.storage tanks and main huge middle air-vent same as smaller side vents. All air vents are accessible if you are able to "crawl". (by any mod or by morphing to get through 1block vents)
  11. Reading rules? Creating new thread about 1000years old dreams already discussed and forgotten, then discussed and forgotten and then discussed and forgotten across all possible forums?
  12. Thanks for fast respond. Maybe you can add some way to contact you on your homepage and at least list mod-team.
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