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  1. We do not support any teleportations. But what we do support for you is protections of your creations. If you like fast travel to your home start using your imagniation! Build trough the 8 blocks faster nether, or the very fast dimensonial portals (you probably gona need to learn this)! Oh, staff members will be allowed to teleport to you incase you need a protection or just need basic staffmember help. Teleportation will only be used to help players! :)
  2. Started the server with the "minecraft_server" jar. Its working fine! But now is the problem its not using any mods. So as far as i can understand its a modication messing with me :)
  3. Any recommandation of what Permission and spawn plugins i should use for my Tekkit server? Essentials seems to not like me using Tekkit and all permission plugins i use seem to hate me Essentials works fine but dosent seem to propertly spawn players..
  4. Thank you! It is confirmed that your answer was the best! The speeds is no more being eaten away by the players
  5. I believe the problem is solved! You can again try to join The server SHOULD not have extreme lagg.. Removed the temporary White-List
  6. Thank you Hexodust! This was the answer i was seeking for! The black screen you are talking about is called CMD And yes, they walk fine. Theres about 10-30 sec delay in both chat and block break. Ive experienced it myself in one of our tests by moving it to another machine, i will be trying your method
  7. As i said in the first post: (This dose not happen when i host vanilla, Tekkit Classic or Tekkit Lite servers.) I have both vanilla and bukkit server clients on my machine thats in the same version. Me and the co-operator Jespifer tried joining one of the bukkit clients by testing if it gos better.(it did) I have had 22 players as max playing at the same time against my computer. I am waiting for the next version of tekkit to arrive. I would just want to know why this is happening to just me. If you like to know my specs: i7-37770k (CPU3 3.50 GHz) 4 core Hyper threading. 8 GB of RAM. Awaiting more to be bought. Windows 7 as OS The RAM or the CPU gos no near high level of usage when i run the server. If this would be the case, i would lagg personaly. So would the local players (this would be my family). I have tried both my Wi-Fi and cable.
  8. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/wierd-downloadspeed-drop.43979/page-3#post-360834 Temporary whitelist! Please help us discuss the lagg problems!
  9. I believe i gotta remove my mods then also
  10. He already have the latest version.
  11. Told him to install the update