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  1. hey i help run a server and we wish to update to 1.2.6 and the files on the forums seem to not to work? any solutions?
  2. haha if only XD i know i could but the point was for it too be a suggestion plus i work for a tekkit server so not doing it for my enjoyment personally or just a bunch of friends.
  3. thanks for suggesting but i cant run ftb and want and hopefully might see these mods in tekkit. i want the portal guns cause i feel theres only one use for a nether star which makes getting them almost pointless and the openblocks for tanks and the bonus items.
  4. uhm, i just thought of this idea and i would love for it too be added but portal guns and gravity guns would make my day. i feel there honestly isent enough uses for nether stars and i would love too hear other peoples mod's they want to see in tekkit!
  5. well you can generally tell by how many engines you have since they give off a certain amount and a pipe can only send so much power as well so just check the kind of pipe your using for the maxium allowed in and what engines you have and how many
  6. hey man, there are engines in thermal expansion which are called dynamo's but there not that much more OP then buildcraft ones but the thermal expansion ones are easier too automate and dont blow up. there are so many mods in tekkit and most are balanced well so dont worry about that just have fun and take all of it in!
  7. ya, i need a place too store all my lava for my magmatics and enderium tanks are cool but just not my style and as i said above i totally would love some elevators.
  8. i agree dwwojck about it being open to any theme and i know some people honestly wont want it but im hoping enough do that they just might add it
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