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  1. 7 hours ago, theprolo said:

    Pretty good

    Unfortunately, since it's the summer holidays and I'm not naive enough to think I can do nothing but play War Thunder and Company of Heroes 24/7 for the next few months, I've recently gotten back into roblox. Wish me luck...

    i've never really lost interest in roblox, thats where i still spend a good bit of my time. got myself a nice group now

  2. my dear god this is still going?

    howdy everyone it is i, the one, the only, richs_yard, fomentor of rebellion, whale box contributor, greatest commander of the teckertons.

    i remember stumbling upon kitty jail 3 years ago. good times. sadly time has passed. since i'll be turning 18 within a couple of weeks, i thought i would swing by and check up on a few old friends that were part of my "intelligent phase" as a kid.


    how is everyone 

  3. i finally made it onto my schools instagram

    it was this event where you were measuring people, and i was partnered with someone half my size, and i was doing the whole "flat ruler on the head" trick for a good measurement, which involved both of my hands.

    i had nowhere else to put my yard stick, so i had it betwixt my legs, while i was bent over and measuring my partner.

    needless to say, my glory ended after a few hours following me commenting "dont look at my yardstick please"

  4. You're a monster. That game looks like my nightmare.

    knew i was missing somebody here. long time no talk you fiend!



    i went through all my old statuses and i found fat omalax. new avatar for now

    also, i found where all the spam threads go! they make up the last 50 pages of OT

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