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  1. Tekkit has been v1.2.5 for the longest time, and I know for a fact that all the mods in the pack are updated to v1.4.6+, our server really wants tekkit to update.
  2. Yea. Update: Unwhite-listed iSkism, Doomzzday (Due to inactive.) 6 More white-list positions open! Happy New Years! Unwhite-listed wcs due to him quitting. Aeromechanic is the new recruiter! (OP)
  3. Whoever that is not white-listed yet or has been white-listed/picked by aeromechanic, he is one of the original members, my computer broke a week ago and I could not get on the server panel to get it back up and running, what I have heard so far is that, carlos, wcs, and maybe wertel has quit, which is not good, wertel is the one that is paying for the hosting, if he quit we will either have to get more donations or someone has to pay for it, the reason I am not paying for it is because I am only 13 years old, I am sorry about the inconvinence for everyone. My computer however has gotten fixed, which is good, I will be white-listing more people and filling the spots for the people who quit, thank you AeroMechanic for being loyal to the server. Wertel, iSkism, wcs, if you are not going to be on the server anymore please leave a comment saying so, so I can un white-list you. Edit: I am back on my computer, found out it was the power supply messing up the computer, so I bought a new one and now it's working 100% fine, whoever has quit please leave a comment, thanks!
  4. Denied, not enough information. Accepted, welcome to the server wcs1998! Also, I have noticed that a lot of younger kids make better applications for some reason. O.o
  5. There's still one spot open from the banning of Lord_Sidness. Please apply for a spot to become a member of the server! Updates: Made new spawn! Edit: Four more positions open! Deleted some inactive players. White-Listed: Wertel AeroMechanic Doomzzday01 Sepheris SilentThief iSkism Make sure to apply everyone!
  6. You were however spotted hacking. We followed you under vanish for 10-20 minutes watching you make random tunnels to the diamonds, you did however not have a Divining rod in your hotbar at that time. You also had one ban for using the "Derrick" client, which is tekkit and has X-Ray and much more features to it, you did know what the client was, that's enough proof for me to ban you. Also, getting 6 diamonds in 20 minutes is impossible if you're playing legit, especially if you just joined. P.S: One more slot open for white-listing!
  7. Denied, need more information. You were second in line, but sadly, you didn't make the white-list. Denied. This application had everything I needed in it, good reasoning in all subjects, thank you Accepted!
  8. Updates: One more white-list! Edited thread so that it isn't so big. Still have hosting! Wertel is paying the server monthly cost! More ranks added to the forums. IRC up and running!
  9. Updates: Got dedicated server hosting! http://www.tekkithost.com/ New Dedicated IP Address! Clean Slate World! Accepting One More Person For White-List! Downgraded to 3.1.2!
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