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  1. We now have a pvp battleground accessible via signs in spawn. Look out for the red and blue brothers!
  2. Server is back up after migrating hosts earlier today. We also now have our own reddit; make sure to drop by! https://www.reddit.com/r/WildWestFrontier/
  3. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.24 - Fixed an issue with music causing crashes. - Replaced two duplicate music files - Added new graphics to forge - Added various skins for questing - Added Exotic Birds mod - Fixed settings for Weather2 so it will rain again - Removed elephant sounds from savannah - Removed gorillas sounds from jungle - Decreased the size of the Colt Navy - Removed the distortion of the Colt Walker 1847 shoot sounds
  4. Due to people trying to bend rules for their own gain, we have updated the rules. Please check them here; http://wildwest.retg.net/rules/
  5. If you go down in the woods today, you'd better go in disguise! Because the infamous Grizzly bear has returned to wild west frontier, along with it's small cousin the black bear. Though rare, these animals are extremely powerful and will kill the average person. If you see one, run.
  6. Fixed the wild west donation store so they give land deeds again, fixed the in-game message constantly saying "explorer rank" regardless of what was purchased and also added a $30 package.
  7. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.23 - Updated multiple gun sounds - Added Dynamic Surroundings - Added SoundFilters - Added Chatbubbles - Added litemod - Removed MC+ mods - Fixed gunsmiths table, flintlock is now craftable. - Doubled damage of sharps rifle - Changed ammo type of sharps rifle to 45/70 and added it to gunsmiths. - Increased default FoV - Fixed henry (unscoped) reload - Fixed scoped versions of henry/sharps being uncraftable. - Added Morpheus serverside - Added 4 new music tracks
  8. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.21a - Added some text and a link to the menu showing people how to change their RAM allocation since people seem to have it set at 1GB.
  9. Sorry for the lack of updates, the server is alive and well and seems to have had a boost of players recently!
  10. Hi sr, i need help in your server but i didnt know how to post in that topic (new in this) so, im sorry if im disturbing but, yeah, well, i cant find the modpack, when i write "High Fantasia" it dont appear

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