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  1. IGN= in game name: Staneh Things you hate about Minecraft servers: Griefers, bad admins, rude people. How long might you play on the server each day? Around 1 or 2 hours realistically, sometimes more, sometimes less, I will be on more in the weekends. Have you ever been banned(on any server)? If yes explain: No, I haven't. What kind of minecraft/tekkit things are you really good at? I'm good at building huge factories, I can get around with every mod. How long you've been playing Minecraft? Since the alpha. Where did you hear about us?: These forums. Why do you want to join our server
  2. IGN: Staneh Age: 16 Country/Timezone: Holland, GMT+1 Tekkit Experience: Alot, I know almost every block there is, I know how to build alot of machines, and I've built countless factories. Reason for joining: I want a nice tekkit server to make StanCorp in. (My industrial zone.) Have you read the rules: Yeah. How long have you played tekkit: A littlebit shorter than a year now, but I've played it a whole lot. What you feel you can contribute: I can contribute one nice guy, who likes playing with others, I can contribute my tekkit experiences to others too. Time you can contribute to th
  3. I did as said in the OP, it indeed didn't have to download minecraft.jar, but now it is stuck at downloading basemods-tekkit-v3.1.2.zip, any help?
  4. I'd like to participate in your let's play, if you want. I've already posted in the thread.

  5. I'm up for this, seems quite fun. Your age: 15 Have you commentated before: Yes I have, nothing big though. Tekkit Profession (Red Power or Buildcraft etc): I'm quite skilled in all of the mods, though I'm not an expert in equivalent exchange yet, I can do alot of stuff with buildcraft, industrialcraft and redpower. I never did anything with computercraft yet, but I do want to learn, since I already know the Lua programming language. Skype name (So we can record voice): Jawzz13 I can also record. (I also have a youtube channel.)
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