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  1. But sometimes, it even has more than our bukkit server. Just shows how much OniTekkit has grown the past month.
  2. I joined the community since October 2011. I'm pushing one year! Tekkit has been a great experience for me! Though it might take some time getting used to all those complicated machinery etc. I play once or twice a week anyway, its fun. I hope to see you guys in tekkit!
  3. Unfortunately this is in the bukkit server... and having a trade town in the tekkit server might be too complicated for chestshops. lol
  4. I would just like to say that that I am now with the community for a whole 10 months!!! I'm pushing one year this October 3rd. I remember it like it was just yesterday... For those who knew me back then, I always had giveaways for every month in the server. When I reach 1 year, I will surely have a big prize to give to a lucky person this 3rd of October!!! So watch out guys!
  5. Sorry for the wait. Added. I suggest you go to our forums and register as most of our server news and info are posted there.
  6. I just started playing on the tekkit server. I'm more of a bukkit guy... but I can tell you that this is so cool!
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