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  1. note to self: email EE person and make him make me a ring
  2. hrmmm. i know there has to be something one of my freindss claimed he maked it but it didnt work until after he "tested" it out lol
  3. Now that i am less of a noob at tekkit i have started my own server but lately we have gotten into somewhat of a war... i want to get the upper hand on our enemy! there is a item that can make you invisible but i have no idea what it is called and how to make it and knowing EE i cant just look it up on tmi it'll always have some weird name! so i would like some help finding out what it is!
  4. one add on to my previous page is we are still think off the looks of the base we dont know if we are going to use domes ships or anything most of these details are going to wait untill we build however if you have any ideas we are open to anything!
  5. im definitively going to use the redpower pumps this time after testing them and putting them to us in a mach base this seems like the best solution thank you to everyone who replyed!
  6. Now that im looking through all of the blocks and various things i do not see a water remover. is there an item id or a specific name?
  7. Everybody here has been a big help but still once i make the ForceFeild water is still in it is there anyway to get water out?
  8. Fine job good sir you may have just answered my question! however what size are these spheres?
  9. I really like this is idea however im worryed that when useing inside the base it would still destroy blocks on the outside?
  10. yea well thanks for nothing however i was hopeing i could use the pump to not have to go through as much trouble. but i also like the wool idea
  11. Me and my Brother have Started playing tekkit recently and wanted to build a cool base.we brainstormed and wanted to build an underwater Factory. after asking some of my freinds we decided pumps would be an adequte way to take the water out after building the frame however after doing a dry run on my creative world i ran into a few proplems. 1. although i had my nanosuit on i still toke damage 2. when i was using the pump it got to the point where water would come out of the pump but not the base i belive the water had formed and infinite supply.How can i prevent this? If you are not such a noob can you give me some pointers? also if you have any ideas one how it should look please tell! =]
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