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  1. So I just had a server admin delete my character again. Very odd thing is that I got the white/blue screen on nearly the same block as I was before. I know it isn't my friends base, as I can go in it and such. My base which was in the direction I was running has 10 water strainers in it and I read somewhere that those can cause issues?
  2. Microsoft Security Ess.
  3. Uninstalled Java and installed the latest versions (both 32 and 64 bit 7.6). I've deleted the technic launcher folder and re-ran the launcher app. I've deleted it, got a fresh download off from the tekkit page and re-rean the launcher. I thought it might be a inventory corruption so I had a server admin nuke my character; yet the issue persists. So I did the above stuff all over again.
  4. Title: Blue/White Screen Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Java Version: Both 32bit and 64 bit 7.5 are installed Description of Problem: I log in and I get a blue screen shortly after the world appears, then it goes white and the game sits there forever like that. Sometimes it closes after awhile too. Error Messages: None. I just get a blue screen that changes over to a white screen shortly afterwards. Error Log: