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  1. Hey Man, can you tell me how you got the ridable dragon mod to work on SMP? I'm using the official technic launcher but cannot get it to work for Tekkit SMP. let me know at [email protected] Note: this server is only a server between myself and friends so i do not intend to steal away any members, i'm literally using Hamachi to run it haha

  2. Pharos's underwater north wing: The Reactor core. Probably the least functional reactor room in existence. But it's also the most fashionable reactor room in existence. Join OniTech. We got pro-ness.
  3. Ulbacus is now Pharos... Until I change the name again, that is... New tower complex.
  4. The Server's Ulbacus Ocean Research Facility. All the doors and internal systems are controlled by ComputerCraft Computers. Kinda resembles the Umbrella Hive from Resident Evil on the lower levels.
  5. Been so much better without EE. Now having an HV array is an achievement instead of them being handed out at spawn by some of the less intelligent people. Speaking of intelligent people. I built this lovely Frame Motor Fortress, that's remotely controlled by computers and wireless transmitters at my house. Moves the flying fort in any way I like, and activates the 4 quarries on each side when necessary. I'd set up a loops program that would run the quarries for 1 hour (takes on average 40 mins to reach bedrock), packs up, moves 33 blocks north, then drops another set of quarries to run the sa
  6. EE: we be haxing when you're not looking https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8988751/Game%20stuff/5345q3yy5e.gif
  7. Best Tekkit Server out there. Here's a pro screenshots of Winhill's bar. Beer anyone? And with Forestry, there's always somewhere new to breed bees.
  8. UU Matter is from IC2 and takes a shit load of EU to produce just one. It truly is more of end game thing and it's still limited in what you can create and in set small amounts. And Thaum isn't part of Tekkit, it would have to be a manual addition. MystCraft also isn't part of Tekkit. And the world isn't infinite on SMP, where the majority of Minecraft is played. Every server has borders and limited chunks to be loaded.
  9. Oh I enjoy it. The question is: "Is it fair?" Spoiler Alert! Answer: "No it's not."
  10. That's assuming this "magical rewrite" is any more balanced than the current version. It could just be an addition of 20 new items that do much the same OP stuff as the current version.
  11. You seem to be heavily invested in being well... stupid. There were no demands. Only a personal desire/recommendation and it is clearly phrased that way... THREE times. You not only quoted a section of my post that contradicted your statement, you misinterpretted the following section of text which is the equivalent to the minecraftforum rules for posting "There's a mod for that" in suggestion threads. So your mindset is that you only care how you play the game and screw everyone else? I'm sure you're probably a consumate griefer who's been banned from countless servers and just plainly d
  12. This was intended as a discussion/debate. Not a flamefest or a demand for the tekkit devs. It's those excitable kids that always have to make it personal whenever something threatens to disrupt their routine. ^ In any case, that's the problem right there. The collector flowers. Turning matter into energy is fair to a degree, but turning free energy into matter, then into energy-making matter is just a no-no. By itself, without Tekkit, EE is a self-contained mod that IS relatively balanced in a vanilla environment. But when you add BuildCraft's/RedPower's automation and pipes, it instantly
  13. Actually, i'm 23 and i'm a concept designer for WETA Digital. Your insults and trolling are in direct violation of the Tekkit Board rules, expect punitive action.
  14. I'm no troll. I won't let this thread die. So what are you gonna do about it? Cry about it like someone above suggested? Better yet, Follow your own advice: If you don't like it, don't read it.
  15. As to Mooseman, I have never and will never play a PvP server. All your examples of my queries point to the first few days of any world (2 hours). It only takes 8 tin, 4 redstone, 4 glowstone dust and 1 diamond to change the game to easy mode/creative mode in that short time. If you don't know how to make easy mode with those items and EE, you aren't pro and don't use the original Tekkit mods as much as you should. Also, in response to this thread, a certain person here (not naming names), took a destruction catalyst to the spawn town and my own personal town on the server I play a couple
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