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  1. How did U make tekkit I'm setting up a rival called 'The Civilisation Pack' With these mods and need some help setting up.
  2. U deserve to be buried and so do the rest of U're horrible regime.
  3. No just this forum and the degenerates that run it.
  4. I just want these mods in tekkit nothing less, nothing more it's my obsession. Tekkit is dull without them. U can't go anywhere fast and war is still in medieval mode.
  5. Shut up, I'm a fucking brit U I'm a fucking Brit U degenirate peace of american shit that can't get laid.
  6. BTW I could sue this forum and the admins for abusing their power and discrimination.
  7. I AM IRON MAN!!!! Sorry but why are you rejecting free stuff?
  8. The standards of mods have been declining, we once had new mods added at every update but now it's more of a crawl then a run. The admins are useless I think the modders died frapping to porn or are lazy, the mods that we want are never added. Mention train, plane or ship mod here and you are branded a faggot. We want this added but we have to instead make do with shitty railcraft and balkon's weopons mods and other rubbish half baked mods. A man on this forums was executed for saying that he would use HIS OWN MONEY to buy mods FOR TEKKIT.
  9. This forum is less appealing then Goatse
  10. U're a backstabbing prick, U all are, U abuse this guy who wanted to help advance tekkit and add desperate mods. Like North Korea U ban those who you don't like the opinions of. Like the Catholic Church in the late medieval era you get rid of advancement and make up problems. U're rules are misleading and a joke 'A bag of dicks' what kind of a rule is that. I can't bring one online so why does it exist? Some day you are going to get sued.
  11. It's me, that guy who got sent to the gulag due to them admins. Are you a back stabber? Or are you one of the people? I'm getting these mods in one way or another. Add me on skype.

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      And so it begins...

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