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  1. mikead99

    update failed?!

    jimmithesith, maybe if nothing works for you, you should try to contact somebody who made the launcher or someone who is really knowledgable on the subject, like direwolf20, the creator of the FTB modpack.
  2. mikead99

    what happened to voltz?!

    somehow when i started voltz ounce all my mods exept NEI just dissappeared along with some default textures. if you can see these pictures its like all the mod items just dissapeared leavung stuff like floating levers. can someone explain what happened to me?
  3. mikead99

    update failed?!

    If that doesn't work contact the experts( the guys who made the mod)
  4. mikead99

    update failed?!

    I figured out the problem, to fix select manual build selection and pick the bottom one, after that has updated, update it to the most recent version.(after stopping the game)
  5. mikead99

    update failed?!

    this also happened with everything else i didn't have installed
  6. mikead99

    update failed?!

    when i start voltz for the first time it says 'update failed' why? can anyone help me?
  7. for some reason i can't "reach" your server but i would still like to join
  8. my friend just told me what a mod is and i'm not very good at that stuff, so i'll stay with admin
  9. also something to add to why choose me i run my own server on vanilla minecraft and when i tried to update into tekkit it went poop on me. and i don't ban for the fun of it and i think everyone should have the chance to play.
  10. age: 14 username: mikead99 played on server: no (looking for good server and this one sounds good) banned by server: nope (and proud of it) why choose me: i luv tekkit and playing on multiplayer is awesome and i play all the time. but all the servers i used to play on have been shut down for one reson or another. i saw you needed staff and thought i could help as well. what positon: i would be a mod if i knew what it was, so admin
  11. Skype me Akle1234 5-6 pm eastern