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  1. Renacyde is building a casino for the server crowd that likes to have fun with their eco!! Its going up near spawn look for the big starblock pyramid!!!!! We are also bringing back SUPER SALES for those interested in having primo stuff!! On a sadder note our head admin forest has left us for greener pastures we wish her luck in her adventures! thank you for your time with us!! we also have some change ups in spawn to reduce clutter of the shops and move players around a bit more in spawn thank you for your patience while we work!!
  2. The LBP Staff would like to thank the players in our server that play by the rules in this server. At no time is there any need to demean someone for any reason. Say it, think it - just don't type it. The rule is and has ALWAYS BEEN Respect others! I know its hard sometimes and you want to blow a gasket at the world! Just please think before you type it.. thank you, Morbloodeth
  3. And now its saturday but not just any saturday ITS CRAZY SATURDAY ON THE LBP EE SERVER AND THAT SMELLS LIKE DEALS. We hope to see some new faces as well as our regular ones come in a see what its all about @ 10:30am est. Don't forget to look for us under the Tekkit lite servers as well and our economy server will be open today as well...thank you all in advance for your time have a wonderful and safe weekend all. And please wear your seatbelts they do save lives.
  4. you also need to learn to count its only 27 rules here you just didn't read them some of those also just offer some helpful info.....I asked you the first time just follow the rules its very easy. Good luck Gavin..
  5. yes I know you played me because you were given a second chance and blew it.
  6. Ok! I knew you wouldn't so i'll try a new approach the signs (little info things) in spawn told you the item was banned (not to be used on this server) the other said OWNERSHIP (you having the item) or USE (means you employed the item) will get you Jailed or banned. The item was found in your quarry set-up which was shutdown (stopped) by me I had the items on me and you were getting them back until you blew up at my staff..BANNED ITEMS ARE JUST THAT BANNED don't make them and surely don't use them and expect nothing to happen....thank you and good day.
  7. Mr.christer the diamond block was removed and placed in your inventory and your machines were on their way back to you from me when you started chattacking my staff and by the way we have no use for your stuff we have our own or we can SPAWN it into the game. And we would have worked it out with the telly pipe as soon as you had your stuff....But no!!!!! you had to run off at the finger tips. Props for the fast typing though..good luck to you... oh and welcome to the tekkit forums as I see you are a new member today...read the rules next time too..
  8. One or more of you group was caught by mods stealing if you come in and follow the rules I will lift the bans its your choice.. you will be watched.
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