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  1. needed to find good backup for server, it was griefed heavily, new map will be starting soon and server is backup for right now
  2. Welcome to Simple TechCraft, a new Tekkit server for Tekkit players! 30 Slots! Owner: Wing_Man513 Co-Owner: Open Admin: Open Moderator: Open NOTHING BANNED !!!!! Server On FROM 8am to 12pm EST Sunday - Saturday https://twitter.com/SimpleTechCraft Are you looking to build something amazing, are you tired of not being able to find a spot to build? Then look no further, the server is brand new. I had my own server before and now i have the ability to share this with the rest of the community. I am looking for staff as well. I say let’s make this the best server in the community. IMAGES LAND HAS BARELY BEEN TOUCHED BY PEOPLE RULES Rule 1. No hacks, X-Ray, or use of any glitches/bugs! Rule 2. No Spamming, Capslock, or being annoying! Rule 3. Respect everyone above Rule 4. Don't Harass people! Rule 5. Don't ask for items, gamemode, promotion, or OP! PLUGINS Worldedit - Editing World blocks Core Protect- Roll back Griefing Essentials - Main commands for the server WorldGuard - Area Protection Plugin MCBANS - Server Protection Moderator Application Age: Location: Timezone: How long have you played Tekkit?: Do you have any past experience moderating a minecraft server?: Can you put in at least 2 hours a day of work on tekkit: Why I want to moderate on TechCraft/Why I'm a good pick: Server up: 24/7 Simple TechCraft offers you to have the chance of protecting your land. To have your land protected, just ask Wing_Man513, and he will set it up. If anyone griefs you, it's recommended for you to protect your area (We will rollback the area too!) Up to 5 requests per player CONTACT INFO If you have a problem with something/someone or have any recommendations contact me personally at [email protected]
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