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  1. I don't have to be logged in to read the answers. ;-) And thanks to Joseph Ramsey! :-)
  2. Thank you for testing! Well, you are right, there are too many monsters inside the wall, forgot the lights, sorry. also these monsters prevent other mobs from spawning in monsterspawner, built by player. thats a serious mistake i have to fix, thank you for noticing.
  3. Sorry about that. But as i said, this is SSP. I am working on a SMP version.
  4. Hey, sorry for the wrong section (Maybe, because the names of the sections are confusing?). But as i said, i will make it a SMP map. Thank you for trying! Let me know, if you like it and if there are bugs or something ;-)
  5. Hey guys! I've made a new Skyblock Survival / Feed the Beast map for Tekkit Classic v3.1.2 | MC 1.2.5. At this moment, it's only for SSP. (Perhaps i'll make a SMP map, if someone want me to make it. But i think, it will work on a SMP server, too.) EDIT: You can play it on SMP! If you and your friends spawn in a flatworld or somewhere else, just go to the coords named in the "info.txt"-file. Its the first map i've made so far. If you find any bugs, please report it here! And if you need help, well ... check out the Tekkit - Wiki. ;-) The Game: Your goal is to finish all the quests on the wall! You will start with no item, but there are some chests with some of them in it! Rules: 1. Don't destroy any block on the spawn or monument. 2. Don't leave the Skyworld (Don't go into the nether or far away from the spawn). 3. Don't play on 'peaceful' 4. There's no time limit! 5. (Please don't grow a tree near the quest wall, because the leaves will destroy the signs!) Help for Beginner: - Find the hidden items - Make a cobblestone generator - Build a home for the night - Try to make a monster spawner / trap - Move the mouse cursor over an item and press 'R' for the crafting recipe Screenshots are in the download file. Current map version is v 1.1. Info: If you don't spawn on the correct Spawnpoint, use the coords in the "info.txt"-file! How to install it: 1. Download the .rar file. 2. click on start, run. type in: "%appdata%" 3. open .techniclaunchertekkitsaves 4. drag and drop the folder "Skyblock_Survival" to the saves folder 5. start the game Alternate way to install: 1. Download the .rar file. 2. Open the Technic-launcher. 3. click on the Tekkit classic-options (little gear on the left side) and click on "Open Folder" 4. drag and drop the folder "Skyblock_Survival" to the saves folder 5. start the game You can download it here. Have fun! Any question? send me a mail or post it here! PS: I am from Germany, so sorry for my bad english ;-) Another Edit: Pictures from the Download-File!
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