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  1. Website: Teamspeak:, password: rofl Server: ModPack: Nomad Minimalist Pack This server is leaning toward a harsher version of survival play than is found in vanilla, with a slower early game while still offering a collection of mid to late game mods. We are looking for players that want an open world, challenges both from the environment and their peers, and have the ability to work together or against each other with equal enthusiasm. Most of all be able to enjoy the game for what it is. Server is 24/7, Whitelisted, PvP is enabled but also isn't the sole purpose behind the server. Ideal players are 18+ and have a graceful balance between being helpful and subverting your server-mates for your own purposes. or Reply to this thread with Minecraft Name Are you 18+? Sign up on our website or Join teamspeak for more information
  2. I kind of figured that might be the case, I only came across the flag after looking for a way to limit pistons. I wonder what the best method to check the flag would be, I can look into that a bit. From my understanding 0 = regular movement, 1 = piston drops the block instead of moving it, 2 = fully immobile, only a value of 2 seems relevant. Thanks
  3. I came across something interesting while using your mod in conjunction with a mod of my own. I am making a group of blocks that are meant to be unmovable by regular players, and machines such as pistons, etc. Frames of course are able to move these blocks, unless I specifically blacklist the block IDs. I am using the following method in my block classes: public int getMobilityFlag() { return 2; } With some further testing I have found frames will also move Thaumcraft Warded Stone/Glass, IC2 Personal Safes, and certain unmovable vanilla blocks such as end portal frames. In context of SMP servers moving these blocks can be problematic. You have made a special blacklist for bedrock, and the configuration option for blacklisting IDs works quite well, but I am curious if it's intended functionality to override the mobility flag or just a side effect of how your mod works? Do you think it's reasonable to expand the bedrock blacklist to include all blocks with a raised mobility flag? Thank You for all the hard work, players on my server are really enjoying your mod!