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  1. Well I'm trying to do away with the transport pipes and waterproof pipes to reduce lag, so I've spent the last few days figuring out tesseracts, building them, etc. However i've run into a bit of a snag... Right now I'm experimenting with 2 liquid tesseracts, 1 magmatic engine, 1 pump, etc. trying to pull lava from the nether to the overworld into 1 single magmatic engine to charge up a red cell. SS: http://screencast.com/t/LAShO2x5 Heres what I have in the nether: http://screencast.com/t/s0585sACA basically a pump, powered by 4 redstone engines (yes there is a
  2. got it. it needs wooden conductive pipes starting out of the producer, golden wont work.
  3. and got it.... sigh im an idiot sorry for wasting your time. i was treating the input/output on the transformers like i did the batboxes, not realizing its the other way around, 1 input, 5 out, where as the batbox has inputs and 1 out. sigh. ty for your time
  4. hrm i think something is wrong with the mfsu, the hv transformer to MFE, and it wont charge the MFE
  5. transformer! had to use a hv transformer! finally!
  6. basically the same thing except this time we upgraded to an mfsu from a normal batbox, and a ic2 hv consumer, from a ic2 lv one
  7. so the mfsu isnt compatible with the conversion blocks ?
  8. sigh, can you please tell me whats wrong so i can fix this ? i've tried putting the ic2 consumer right at the output of the mfsu, no luck, cant figure out whats wrong here.
  9. engines make it run, yes, thats ONE WAY of powering the quarry. you do know there are usually multiple ways of doing things in tekkit right ? i posted here to find out whats wrong with the set up i currently have, as it has WORKED BEFORE, the only thing different is the mfsu, and the ic2 hv consumer, so im not sure if im using the right stuff, hence my POST here, and not on the bug board. im not going to post something on the bug board because i screwed it up when setting it up. thats not a bug, thats a setup issue. you are aware of the difference are you not ?
  10. no its not the problem, it worked fine before with just pipes
  11. great, i'm trying to use pipes, not engines. thanks for your input though.
  12. i've had it powered with bc pipes before without issue, and it worked great.
  13. I think i've just been trolled... anyway, hope someone else can glance at it and let me know if it should be working or if its infact a bug or something. thanks!
  14. Richs, how is this the wrong board ? it says general discussions. I'm not reporting a bug, if its infact a bug then please forgive my ignorace, this is the second time i've attempted such a set up, and the FIRST time with an mfsu, I thought I maybe built it wrong. if this is infact the wrong section, then I apologize, but no need to be a jerk about it.
  15. Hey folks, trying to power a quarry in a mystage, using a geothermal generator plant and a bc producer. basically the build is like this: Geothermal > MFSU (fully charged) > glass fibre > ic2 hv consumer > energy bridge > BC producer > gold conductive pipe > conductive phased transport pipe >>>>> which goes to: conductive phased transport pipe > gold conductive pipe > side of quarry the link indicator on the ic2 consumer is turned on, the bridge shows them connected, but 0 in/out not sure what im doing wrong here pre
  16. wow... just as i hit submit... consumer to bridge to consumer.... lol thanks anyway :P
  17. okay i got it figured out, had to use a ic2 consumer with an energy bridge to a BC consumer. which is connected to a golden conductive pipe then to a phased conductive pipe on public freq 100 send only now at the quarry i have another conductive phased pipe on public freq 100 also, but its not pulling in energy even though its on send and receive. the pipe goes into a gold conductive pipe into the quarry no go thoughts ?
  18. hey folks, ran into a bit of an issue with setting up a quarry, etc. I was hoping to use an energy link and a phased conductive pipe to shunt energy from my geothermal plant over to the quarry, but i cant find the energy link anymore. I also saw some posts saying to use a pneumatic generator, but it seems thats also missing... whats the standard way take energy from batboxes, etc. and use them to power quarrys, etc. or are the two mods no longer playing nice together ? :(
  19. never even heard of liquiducts and tesseracts! def will look into them! thanks!! :)
  20. Hey folks, trying to set up a lava/liquid store facility and I have it working for the most part, however I seem to have run into an issue with the waterproof iron pipes I have a row of 8 liquid tanks, full of lava, ontop its waterproof cobblestone pipes connected to an incoming phased transport which sucks in hot molten magma from the depths of the minecraft universe. under each storange tank is a connection of waterproof wood transport pipes with redstone engines connected to them, and iron waterproof pipes inbetween. heres the setup: http://screencast.com/t/HMB3KQ4Tb
  21. Hey Folks, Recently started up a server again for a bunch of friends and we ran into an issue with the netherore cfg and no ores in the nether, found the fix in another thread, nuked the config file and fixed it. However... Theres no nether folder, instead I have DIM-1, DIM-23, DIM1, etc etc. Not sure which file to nuke to have the nether rebuild itself... Please advise Thanks!
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