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  1. Please accept me on your server, I'm eager to start making the server epic.

  2. PeePCraft Tekkit Server IP: **Server Located in New Jersey, USA** Note: This forum post will look all spiffy when I get some PS stuff done. This server needs players who are of good nature and have experience in tekkit. Everything here is new so don't try to do whatever you feel like doing. The server will grow when the PeePCraft community decides to grow the server. Server Rules 1. No griefing, stealing, etc. 2. No swearing IF AND ONLY IF the user has a bad intent 3. Quarries must have a sign with player's name or it will be removed. 4. No IC2 loops 5. No banned items 6. No Using bugs and/or glitches for an unfair advantage More In-Game Mods Removed ComputerCraft Banned Items/Things All explosives Destruction Catalyst Source Block Creation from rings More will be added IF it becomes a problem Plugins Essentials Group Manager Recipe Manager Mob Disguise Vanish: No Packet World Guard World Edit LogBlock WorldBorder ColorMe More Will be added soon This Server is a 24/7 server with an uptime of 99.99999% Application to be a Citizen Minecraft Username: Age: Tekkit Experience: Ever been banned? Why This server? Additional Notes: *Note: I might not reply but check if you can build. I will also check if the applicant has ever been banned. ***If anyone who applies knows how to manage a server, please write your experience and in what area specifically*** The server curently holds 22 players, but will grow when the community grows with dedication and by building. Womp.(Oct.29, 2012) This is the current spawn(As of Nov.4, 2012): Join and help make this place look amazing.
  3. Womp...womp...womp...

  4. :O i messed up my birth day D: its 1996 not 1900

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