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  1. Hey I saw your post i have a tekkit server but nobody to play with contact me i have skype [email protected] it is also my email

    I getting bored =(

  2. Application Minecraft IGN: Isaacmo Nickname: Isaac Tekkit experience: Quite a lot, ive played with it alot. Are you over 14? : yes well over Do you have skype? : Of course How much time can you dedicate to this server? (Timezone would be nice, as well as how much time you can spend on weekdays vs. weekends): Depends ill probably put forth more time if im accepted as something. What position are you applying for? : Ill apply for anything i guess, whatevers most convinient for you, hopefully builder. What are you good at? (Make this as detailed as possible): Everything you need done. M
  3. Guys calm down you wouldn't join if u tried. The server is getting revamped so you gotta wait for it to open again.
  4. I must say these were 2 well thought out arguments that accurately discuss the situation
  5. Hey guys i just want a person or persons to play some server tekkit with me. If intrested then reply to this post of course.
  6. Server will be offline for a while. Please be patient while it opens back up.
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