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  1. The tinker table can duplicate unlimited diamonds extremely fast. Armor is also duplicating because of Galacticraft, and extremely overpowered power armor is being duplicated every few minutes, and given away. We banned this item to stop the OverPowered armor, by MOSTLY because you can duplicate TONS of diamonds! (Our current players are happy with this decision)
  2. Thank you for all the great comments! We really appreciate hearing that from you guys.
  3. Keep it up more, because it is not already 24/7? Going down for half an hour for maintenance, and you complain about it not being up enough -.-
  4. Yes, thanks for all the support guys, and Deadsmith, and Myself are trying our best to provide for everyone!
  5. Thanks for all the support guys! Btw new features added, and steve carts are now more stable!