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  1. i have been working very hard to improve the server, i built a new spawn and have done some other permissions things
  2. antimatter is restricted to donors due to spawn going KA-BOOM, i may remove that restriction. And grenades are enabled! so are missles! factions stops people from opening your chests, not from being blown up. we have a starter kit for people that get greifed or are new to the server(Its free!) so i think you will enjoy my server. so this is kinda an anti-greif server
  3. im so sorry about that dowtime! i spent 30 hours fixing it! thhe server is still 1.1.3 and now back up and running :D
  4. Ok guys, the server is now up and running! i got crashing mostly fixed!
  5. IP: play.moderncraftpvp.com or s31.hosthorde.com:25577 RULES: *NO being disrespectful to staff *NO Blowing up spawn *NO hacking/duping *NO Infinite batteries if found(Will be banned) *NO blaming admins for your mistakes, i can see who did it *Have Fun!!!!! BANNED ITEMS: *Armbot (Because of duping) *Nothing else yet PHOTOS: Give thanks to Huntersnake for making this picture. DESCRIPTION: I made this server because my favorite Voltz server closed down and i wanted to let the other people that liked that server to come on mine and people that have never be
  6. im sad ;( my server is a ghost town now ;(, everyone thinks factions are removed now but i changed my mind :(
  7. Yes, i am removing factions tomorrow!Have fun with raiding!
  8. Guys i have good news, one, spawn is finished . And two, drop party today at 6:00PM Eastern US Time
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