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  1. Hello, I have a complaint about one of your server's admins abusing his powers for his own gain. The description I have typed up is too long to post here, can I email you somewhere?

  2. My .bat file doesn't make it for offline play it changes the location of the .minecraft folder to where I want it allowing multiple installs. It adjusts the ram. processes idle tasks and increases javaw process priority.
  3. I could of just posted anyway but thought it would be better to ask 1st. I know there working on a offline mode but that doesn't help if people want to play offline now like me. TBH not bothered either way. I got mine working offline and using my .bat file launcher so I can have multiple installs again. ;D Cheers
  4. Probably not the right place for this question but going to ask anyway. I worked out how to make it playable offline but it does require signing into the launcher at least once. Am I ok to start a thread on how to do this or would I be banned?
  5. Think its sorted without editing my .bat more then normal. Just need to try it in SMP now but the server is having a few teething problems
  6. Found that thanks Cheap Shot. It doesnt help with the rest though. On a plus note i think i found away around it. Working in SSP, The server i connect to is having afew issues so cant test in SMP. Will let you all know if it works
  7. for each install I have 2 .bat files and there is also 2 .vbs shared for all the installs. The 1st .bat simply hides the cmd window using the 1st .vbs and then starts the 2nd .bat. The 2nd .bat processes idle tasks then allocates Ram to Java. Then it launches Minecraft.exe and then starts the 2nd .vbs The 2nd .vbs changes javaw's process priority to High Cheers
  8. Ok thanks Guess no more Tekkit for me then
  9. I have multiple installs of Minecraft on my system and use a bat file to launch, change priority and increase RAM for the game. Just in stalled Tekkit and it will not work the way i want it do. So can I download just the mod with no Launcher?? Cheers
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