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  1. Testing the pack now.

    Update edit: Almost done. I just have to see if it installs correctly now. I got it to launch so I just need 10 more min. Would you like the address so you can make the pack on your own or do you want me to make the pack under my account and give a link?

    Edit: Done! I just made the pack under my account. Here's the link!

    Thx dude, it works great! For one last thing could you pls add Thaumcraft to this? I posted the forum link before i knew how great Thaumcraft was

  2. I am completely clueless on creating custom modpacks however I have a great Idea for one. If someone were to create this they could take all rights to the Idea. These are the mods. Ars Magica- Author: Mithion Small Boats- Author: Awger Mob Amputation- Author: iChun Sword Pedestal- Author: Golui The Twilight Forest- Author: Benimatic Balkon's Weapon Mod- Author: BalkondeurAlpha Not Enough Items- Author: chicken_bones Rei's Minimap- Author: ReiFNSK TreeCapitator- Author: bspkrs Dragon Mounts- Author: BarracudaATA Enchanting Plus- Author: mssodin28 If someone creates this modpack I will be incredibly thankful.

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