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  1. Thx dude, it works great! For one last thing could you pls add Thaumcraft to this? I posted the forum link before i knew how great Thaumcraft was
  2. thx man. I think they are all at 1.4.7 at the moment
  3. they are a bit but they make the game better aesthetically
  4. I'm not sure if you mean simply assist or literally make the pack, but if it's the latter then here is the link to my forum post with all the mods and authors http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/modpack-idea-might-and-magica.41065/
  5. I am completely clueless on creating custom modpacks however I have a great Idea for one. If someone were to create this they could take all rights to the Idea. These are the mods. Ars Magica- Author: Mithion Small Boats- Author: Awger Mob Amputation- Author: iChun Sword Pedestal- Author: Golui
  6. whats the texture pack used in the picture on the home page for hack/mine
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